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    Oh my, that look's piercing cr: 친구챙이
  2. Omo....! omo omo omo omo omo! cr: 친구챙이
  3. Mina, please stop with the shoulders.. might have a heart attack here.... cr: beyondwords PS: I should've posted this on the shoulder app thread but I only noticed it after posting it here...sorry TT
  4. Oh My... the vibe and that legs cr: beyondwords
  5. Well, the one on the photo is awesomely beautiful so it came out incredibly...(delulu mode)
  6. Our baby beast is growing into a beautiful lady now (I'm starting to accept it) but I want to reminisce her cute adorable look back then... cr: studioPARN
  7. [PIC] 180215 J-line @ Gimpo Airport

    Oh nice, at least they get to rest and enjoy for a while...
  8. [INFO] 100 Idols Vote For The Best Of The Best Among K-Pop Idols

    Beautiful TWICE, Hot Dancing Machine Momo and Game Master Mina...
  9. (pretends to be shookted) Thank you for always bringing this kind of news to us
  10. [DISCUSSION] Songs that don't have an M/V but should!

    The girls might die from overwork tho

    Friendship goals...
  12. [FANART] Entries for Valentine Collab Art (Na.Da.Chae)

    OHHHH!!! nice vetor art there...