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  1. Happy birthday to the true Mina stan:mn-rest::sn-stare:

    1. Picapict


      aw thank you plumie :sn-heart: you know me so well

  2. Plume

    Hiya !

    Welcome to TTF! I hope you'll like the content we have :>
  3. Plume

    I won Twice giveaway by 1theK

    He will probably win an autographed polaroid as it said
  4. Plume

    hi i'm zade, i don't bite :>

    omo welcum zade :> i hope you'll like the content we have!! :D *try acting cute*
  5. Plume


    Hellooo welcome to TTF! Hope you'll have a great time here!
  6. It needs more picsss Cr: delta_trap
  7. Thank you bangs Cr: love me now!
  8. I'm so glad we have a new hair color of our beloved Jeongyeon Cr: BLACK PAINT