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  1. Plume

    [AWARDS] Organisation Request Thread

    I don't really understand what you mean but it's Nayeon
  2. Plume

    [AWARDS] Organisation Request Thread

    Top Left Award: "What is Love?" - Nayeon Top Right Award: "Knock Knock" - Sana Bottom Left Award: "What is Love?" - Sana Bottom Right Award: "Knock Knock" - Nayeon
  3. Plume

    2 chaerrys a day keep the bear away

    Aaaah thank you for including me Congrats for your two years bby!!
  4. Happy birthday 

    1. Phebe


      That said happy birthday to my gf don't think I didn't see that :ny-wut:

    2. Plume


      :dh-heh:I thought you don't love me anymore

    3. Phebe


      Of course I love you why would I not :mn-eh:

  5. Plume

    [FANART] TWICE - LOONA Inspired Pics

    As a fan of Loona I'm honestly not disappointed at all
  6. Happy birthday bean-beanie!! :mn-praise: Stay healthy and happy as always:ny-soju: