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    This is great!
  2. Turtle (거북이) - TWICE (트와이스) Piano Cover (Verse 1 + Chorus 1)

    amazing cover!
  3. This is the story of how TWICE’s Mina became the elegant queen of K-Pop she is today. Mina was born in San Antonio, Texas before moving to Japan at a very young age. Because of her dual-citizenship, she has two different passports which she can use interchangeably. While living in Japan, Mina trained in ballet for 11 years. She attended the Obayashi Sacred Heart School, a prestigious all-girls school exclusively attended by elite students. Her father is the lead orthopedic surgeon at Osaka University Hospital, one of the top facilities in the country. When she was younger, Mina was an avid fan of K-Pop, and showed her love for groups such as CNBLUE. Because of her incredible ballet skills and natural chic aura, Mina debuted in TWICE with the least training time. Since debuting with TWICE, Mina has been nicknamed the group’s “Black Swan” for her undeniably mysterious aura. She’s so chic and elegant that she can still look beautiful even when she’s crying. From dancing to even eating, Mina is the model of elegance. Even something as simple as a smile can seem royal on Mina. With such a prestigious background, natural talent, and elegant charms, there’s no denying that Mina is a real-life princess! source: koreaboo
  4. Find the word

    Hello! Here is the game "Find the word", the principle is simple. You have to guess what word is hiding behind the mixed letters. (You can add a clue, if this word is complicated to find). Example: Find the word behind his letters: ETBAPALH [INDEX: this is for all words] Answer: ALPHABET Rules: - If a member gives mixed letters, which you find within 2 days and you convert the riddle gives no sign of life, you can change mixed word. - If no one finds, it is necessary to add clues. - Always wait for the CONFIRMATION of the person who launched his word (unless he did not give a sign of life before 2 days, 48 hours), before taking over. - Only one answer at a time. - Do not repeat the answers already proposed, this is completely useless. - Only words in English are accepted. - Words should not be insults.
  5. my girl

    so sweet!
  6. Hello!

    Hello Alix nice to meet u! I'm Plume. Hope you could have a great time here
  7. Newbie ❤

    Welcome to Team Twice Forums! Have a great time here
  8. Chaeyoung have a lot of charisma and talents since SixteenShe's everything for me and could be always gorgeous
  9. hi hello :')

    Welcome to Team Twice Forums Have a great time here :)
  10. That wink... Mina is so sweet Cr: INFI
  11. The official I miss T2long thread

  12. DUBU x CHAENG Small Fanart^^

    No problem.