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  1. Plume

    Elo has entered the battlefield

    Welcome to TTF Elo! Glad to have a fellow Sana stan
  2. Happy birthday Mochi! ~ Have a great day :sn-heart2:

    1. liraeyllis


      Thank you very much for the greeting, Plume! Have a great day today too <3 

  3. Happy birthday! ~

    1. A.Moguri


      Thank You! =3

  4. happy birthday once again Planksu! It's another year now. Have a great day ~:dh-weee:

  5. Plume

    Please welcome our new friend gowonlover

    oh well, welcome to ttf gowonlover next olivialover
  6. Happy birthday! I hope you're doing well T2 :jh-pretty: Have a good day ahead!

    1. T2long


      :love: Thank you Plume! :jy-stare: Same goes for you too and your future days ahead!

  7. Plume

    1 2 3 let's go!!

    Welcome to TTF, Chaeyoung stan
  8. Plume

    wow, hi bonjuru!

    Welcome to TTF!
  9. Plume

    [GAME] Kpop Bias

    Jisoo Loona
  10. Hello everyone! Tell me how long have you been a ONCE, explain and share your opinion here, that's itHope this thread is not already done. XD
  11. Plume

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SummerNights

    Both please, thank you very much
  12. demn I remember my last message and it's been a year already o: How time flies..

    Happy birthday NomMom ~ Stay wonderful as you are :mn-hey:

  13. Plume


    Hello, welcome to TTF! Don't forget to read the rules if you didn't
  14. Plume

    Finally having 1 year

    I've been waiting so long for it. It's finally here. Just some words for celebrating my first year anniversary on TTF! I remember during Signal era, I was scrolling though internet and saw a site named Team Twice Forums, I took a look and it looked really pretty at first. 1 month later, I took a look again and then I decided to create a account and have some friends. We all share the same passion for kpop and by sharing our passion with others, we feel less lonely and more loved. My username was between flowers name, I was thinking about something sweet. But then I decided to choose Plume, that is french, that is pretty okay, I don't think I have thoughts to change it for now. 1st December 2017, I have the MOTM award and a thread especially for myself, that was so damn crazy lol I felt so special. I'd like to say thank you, thank you everyone that make me happy since the debut and now, the present. Thank you everyone for all those good moments, I still can't believe how awesome you guys are. If you wanna talk you can drop on the chatbox if you want to, I'm pretty active there There is many years to come again, surely. Thank you!
  15. Happy birthday ~ Hope you're doing well !! 

    1. Palace


      Thank you Plume!!! and yes Im doing well!! I hope you are too <3

  16. happy birthday chandra! Have a great day along:ty-pose2:

  17. hbd panda you're the best:jh-pretty:

    1. RainbowFluffyPanda


      thank you plumie, stay lovely :saida-hug:

  18. happy bday uwu stay cute as always:ty-haha:

    1. Scheherazade


      uwu thankyou plumie ily <3

  19. Plume

    1st day

    Hello, welcome to TTF
  20. Plume


    Haha yes I am, you probably know me somewhere in Discord
  21. Plume


    Welcome to TTF! Hope we can be friends!
  22. Happy birthday! I miss you a lot:sn-fingerheart:

  23. Plume

    Hello there :)

    Welcome :)
  24. Plume


    I thought you were Beanie for a second Welcome to TTF!
  25. TWICE’s latest Japanese single “Candy Pop” is another hit for the girl group! TWICE will be releasing their new Japanese single on February 7, and they shared a pre-release of “Candy Pop” as a digital song and music video on January 12 at midnight. The track has now taken No. 1 on Line Music’s “Top 100” chart! This is only the latest in a run of hits in Japan by TWICE, following the success of their Japanese “best of” album “#TWICE” last June and their first original Japanese single “One More Time” in October. Watch the music video for “Candy Pop” below! source: soompi