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  1. [GAME] Tag!

  2. one word story

  3. [GAME] Kpop Bias

    Sejeong ! PRISTIN
  4. [NAYEONIST] Im Nayeon's Confession Board

    I love u Nayeonie, and your bunny teeth and cheeks. Sorry that Dahyun took my heart TT
  5. Our Princess Minari must be protected
  6. [PIC/IG] 170907 mlbkorea's Instagram Update

    the Dubu ones killed me, im in dubu heaven now
  7. [GAME] OF COURSE Game

    Of course! If TWICE became power rangers, would you join them?
  8. Continue the story~!

    They were transported to 2053 where they became TWICE rangers SPD. Nayeon was the first one to become a ranger and TWICE was surprised by it
  9. Goodbye !

    Sorry I missed your farewell pup TT but I really hope you do well in your studies and be successful! We will meet again soon! Fighting!. Really enjoyed being November buds
  10. Aww poor Dubu ??, get well soon!
  11. [GAME] Ask The Next Person

    Date my bias in another group ? Mina long hair or short haired?
  12. Continue the story~!

    It was a package from a mysterious source and the card was from someone they didn't know
  13. Continue the story~!

    They didn't know who it was until.....
  14. Continue the story~!

    Then Sana had a bad nightmare the next day