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  1. DubusLover

    [GAME] Continue the story~!

    Then the Templars stopped them and they were soon told one of their members has an ancestor who was an assassin
  2. DubusLover

    [GAME] One word story

  3. DubusLover

    [GAME] Kpop Bias

    Sejeong ! PRISTIN
  4. DubusLover

    [NAYEONIST] Im Nayeon's Confession Board

    I love u Nayeonie, and your bunny teeth and cheeks. Sorry that Dahyun took my heart TT
  5. Our Princess Minari must be protected
  6. DubusLover

    [GAME] Continue the story~!

    They were transported to 2053 where they became TWICE rangers SPD. Nayeon was the first one to become a ranger and TWICE was surprised by it
  7. DubusLover

    [GAME] Ask The Next Person

    Date my bias in another group ? Mina long hair or short haired?
  8. DubusLover

    [GAME] Continue the story~!

    It was a package from a mysterious source and the card was from someone they didn't know
  9. DubusLover

    [GAME] Continue the story~!

    They didn't know who it was until.....
  10. DubusLover

    [GAME] Continue the story~!

    Then Sana had a bad nightmare the next day
  11. DubusLover

    [GAME] Would you rather?......

    My bias as my classmate because I need someone to cheer me up in my boring classes Would you rather be living in a sci fi world with your bias or in a dystopian state type of world with TWICE?
  12. DubusLover

    [GAME] Continue the story~!

    She is now called Jokbal Momo as fans say