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  1. Ask The Next Person

    Date my bias in another group ? Mina long hair or short haired?
  2. Continue the story~!

    It was a package from a mysterious source and the card was from someone they didn't know
  3. Continue the story~!

    They didn't know who it was until.....
  4. Continue the story~!

    Then Sana had a bad nightmare the next day
  5. Would you rather?......

    My bias as my classmate because I need someone to cheer me up in my boring classes Would you rather be living in a sci fi world with your bias or in a dystopian state type of world with TWICE?
  6. Continue the story~!

    She is now called Jokbal Momo as fans say
  7. Trying to make me swerv...... *Dies due to gifs*
  8. Continue the story~!

    When they couldn't get home, home came for them , and they all made it home alive
  9. Continue the story~!

    To make matters worse, every second at Dunkirk when they filmed , TWICE and the poor British and French soldiers were dived bombed every second by Germans
  10. Continue the story~!

    Gonna try to revive this topic JYP ran and got sucked into a time portal along with TWICE and they all fell into the beaches of Dunkirk in 1940
  11. Hi it is nice to meet you ?
  12. MNET Idol School Discussion Thread

    Also after 4 weeks of Idol school the lowest 8 ranked will be eliminated so that will leave 32 after 4 weeks and also I like Park Sun /Seon, and Chu WonHee. They're so adorable and park sun/seons vocals are amazing!