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  1. quanganh

    [DISCUSSION] How did you become a ONCE?

    that so easy for me to become once. I just watch sixteen for the first time and i have crush on Twice after they became full team Twice and after for a while i was busy in my college exam and just forget. Then when they release 'Cheer Up' I'm in love again and just decide became Once and don't want to be non-fan anymore
  2. quanganh

    [DISCUSSION/NEWS] TWICE MVs YouTube Views Update

    Congratz Once ... you guys have worked hard
  3. quanganh

    [DISCUSSION] Twice Fanfic Thread

    Tks you this is the first time I've read a interested fanfic
  4. Agree wth you <3 C'mon everyone has just match with their outfit in Signal ?
  5. quanganh

    [JIHYOIST/PIC] Your Daily Jihyo

    No word can describe her beauty
  6. comeback it verified 100% but i want Twice rest more before comeback full album <3 some reason about money to buy full ver
  7. may be your birthday in Sept huh
  8. quanganh

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Twice's Oppaya Aegyo

    It's totally difficult to choose <3
  9. I think Mina is the best swimer in Twice with advanced skill. In the previous Vlive or fansign she said that she has wanted to swim again for a long time <3 and the rest of Twice I very confused about Nayeon swimming skill T.T can you help me find out
  10. Everybody let spam about the cutest gif about Tzuyu <3
  11. quanganh

    [JIHYOIST/PIC] Your Daily Jihyo

    every time i see this pic i started going to cry <3