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  1. BennyBen

    Twice Signal Pixel Full M/V

    Thank you guys!! :< @TECetc unfortunately no. I've only made a short knock knock mv before. Im still busy with my thesis right now :( and making a full mv takes a lot of time maybe when im free i can think abt it hehe
  2. hey guys! im finally done!! TT hope u guys like it huehuehue
  3. hahaha! i think i gotta learn some moves from sana. hahaha i think sana's closest to dahyun right? i mean she already kissed her hahaha but in the future if she's gonna kiss the others too i swear imma make her my sensei
  4. this ship is on another level!!!!! HAHA they already passed thru the romantic stage (kiss on the cheeks) and the intimate stage (booty slapping) HAHAHAHA sana be more aggressive than some of us guys HAHA! damn it
  5. @gwen423 @Koi doesn't she just look like she's going on a battle? Hahaha imagine she was holding like a sword instead of the mic. My gahd chaeyoungie
  6. Dear Lord... chaeyoung looks so badass here! and hot
  7. i'll just leave this here.. i have to recover... a bit.. almost got an heart attack
  8. the way she looks at her....and that smile at the end...
  9. put more amazing GIFs guys! i feel like im in heaven in this post HAHAHAHAHA smol bean chaengie forever!
  10. thank you @ozaira!! haha this is awesome!
  11. Oh may gahd her dimple!! couldn't sleep because of this last night where did you get those awesome GIFs @ozaira haha
  12. BennyBen


    #CHEERUP - OT9 Just found out about this now haha thank you