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  1. Please, heeeeelp! Does anyone have a source, or any info, about this pic of Sana? She looks amazing.
  2. Do you know if there is a translation for each members notes in the booklet for "The Story Begins"? My searches have turned up only Twicecoaster translations.

    1. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias
    2. ohjbird


      We both found the same stuff. Thanks! Hopefully we can get some people to make it happen!

    3. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias


      Yeah! I'd like to know what it says 

  3. ohjbird


    Signal was my into to them, thankfully the very last scene didn't scare me away.
  4. I forgot how to find the discord server, could you help?

    1. minassi


      Hello there! I can help guide you on the link of our Discord and our rules. Originally the link to the discord was on the homepage and you could click on it and join from there. But you can register for Discord first and then you can message one of our admins or moderators to invite you into our Discord server.

      You can check out our Discord information here written by our lovely owner:ny-yes:

  5. ohjbird


    This explains why it's such a struggle and price difference to find their other albums fully signed. Thank you so much for the info. Is Mwave Shop a website?
  6. I didn't think I'd die, but all I'm seeing in here is an angel. Must be true, bye life!
  7. I'm not sure what the vlive plus is, but I just watch their vlive videos on my computer, with no issue. Here's the link - Twice

    1. katsaysno


      Thank you so much ?

  8. ohjbird


    Awesome, I can now spazz in peace~
  9. ohjbird


    I just bought an autographed copy of The Story Begins, should be getting it in about a week! The buyer has a very long history of perfect reviews, but I figured it wouldn't hurt to get some feedback on the signatures looking legit.
  10. There's a live version of Ooh-Ahh where Sana lifts her leg like Momo?! I must have it!
  11. Help you leave? There's no leaving. "We all SHYSHYSHY down here."
  12. Wow, putting it into words? She was initially my second favorite, I found Dahyun to be very charming, and my heart just ran with it. The deeper into the group I got, the more Sana grew on me (from an already very high position). She's so sweet, caring, affectionate, has a good sense of humor, a clutziness that I'm learning is a weakness of mine, and all of her mannerisms are so precious. The scene in Sixteen when she confronts Dahyun and that other girl about being late, I felt like I was seeing so much of her. I thought it showed her dedication and passion, and her ability to be serious and motivating when needed.