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  1. Eversince i saw twice i became a fanboy i notice chaeyoung on MAMA music awards 2016 and she was very pretty then notice sana they were both very pretty but the moment i saw kim dahyun she bias wrecked me and her personality is so vey cute i love all twice members but i really really love kim dahyun she's both pretty and cute i went through the internet to surf and to know more about her life i discovered that she doesnt like horror and scary things (makes me want to protect her)and she loves porroro and her nickname is tofu because of her white skin i watch the past replays of jyp sixteen and saw dahyun went through alot of challenge but it made her strong for her to debut what a strong girl the more i saw this things the more my heart fell like a feather in dahyuns personality her beauty blinds me and so is her cuteness but the sad part is she's older than me so i'll be fanzoned damn we cant be togetherbut that doesnt matter i will always be her fan a fanboy who dreams.(not a sasaeng)
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