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  1. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    [MINAIST/PIC] Your Daily Mina

    Can't agree more to this. Her beauty is just on a different level
  2. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    [MINAIST/GIF] Mina Gifs Thread (WARNING: Opening This Thread May Cause Death)

    Mina it's not legal for you to kill so many of us on the stage
  3. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    [NAYEONIST] My Nayeon photocard luck is REAL!

    Hahaha good for you~ I bought Merry and Happy both version, out of all 6 cards, I got no Mina. But got 2 Jihyo though, even one of the CDs has Jihyo sticker. Good enough to have God Jihyo's photocard Other members' photocard all look great too!
  4. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    who your ultimate bias

    For me, Mina forever~ She's my bias since the start and it doesn't change till now~
  5. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    [OFFICIAL] Son Chaeyoung (μ†μ±„μ˜) Spazz Thread

    cr: JYPETWICE Baby Chaeng is extremely gorgeous here ohmy, her eye make up is awesome too! Emphasizes her pretty face proportion
  6. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    [OFFICIAL] Myoui Mina (λ―Έλ‚˜) Spazz Thread!

    My MiNayeon heart ohmygod there you go guys I swear Mina is enjoying it! MiNayeon is real!
  7. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    [NAYEONIST] What you like about Nayeon?

    I don't need a reason to like her, she's just so lovable~
  8. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    [SANAIST/CAP] Sana's Clumsy aka FAIL Moments #ShyShyShy

    Yes! That should be an adjective hahaha And everything around her too! Hahaha she may just accidentally spoil something while being clumsy hahaha
  9. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜


    Likey likey likey~
  10. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    [SANAIST/VID] SANA gorgeous passport photo

    HAHAHA I so agree with this, passport photos always make us look like a potato but hers
  11. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    [OFFICIAL] Minatozaki Sana (μ‚¬λ‚˜) Spazz Thread

    Hahaha it's okay, you're not alone. I am not biased but still think she's really sweet and cute, that's the reason why the term cutie-sexy is introduced just to describe her.
  12. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Which member's personality is closest to your own? + TWICE Personality Discussion Thread

    I swear I'm the same as Mina, not just because she's my bias but, we really do have the same personality. She rather stays in her room and spend time on her own, but at the same time she's fine as well to hang out with people she's close with. That's so me
  13. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    [DISCUSSION] What are your favourite Song of twice?

    Glad you liked it! Still the gif that I liked the most of her!
  14. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    [OFFICIAL] Minatozaki Sana (μ‚¬λ‚˜) Spazz Thread

  15. Penguin Mina 🐧🐧 νŽ­κ·„λ―Έλ‚˜

    [OFFICIAL] Myoui Mina (λ―Έλ‚˜) Spazz Thread!

    It had been some time since I visited this forum as I was busy all this while, now I'm back with Mina shooting all of us to death.