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  1. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Your Favorite Twice Song Instrumental

    Cheer Up is really good but Knock Knock has my heart, it literally makes me cry And one more time bc it's stuck in mind
  2. ...idk, i just know that it's amazing
  3. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Best MV Theme

    Cheer up movie theme is amazing! I think our brains are too small to understand the theme behind Heart Shaker...
  4. Hahahaha. Here : https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1239860/red-river-girlxgirl-werewolfau-2na-twice-chaeyu-dahmo-jeonghyo Look, I'm not really good but I tried so... It's DahMo but in my dream it was me and Mina . My dream was from the first until chapter five, the rest I did with my imagination I'm really good at remembering dreams so, i love my brain :) About Nayeon kissing Momo... For now I'm just waiting until it really happens...
  5. I turned one of my dreams with Twice in a fanfiction
  6. ... I've already dreamed two times about Nayeon kissing Momo...
  7. CR: @sanacottoncandy Cr: 마쉬멜로우
  8. Continue the story~!

    Then Jihyo woke up and realized that she was in a coma all along this mess and they were defeated by the alines that conquered Earth.
  9. Continue the story~!

    ... A giant portal opened in front of Twice and sucked them to a alternate universe/ reality. They had no clue where they were until a familiar figure appeared there...
  10. [GAME] Last Letter (Song edition)

    Excuse Me- AOA
  11. Continue the story~!

    Once they arrived home, Momo got hungry and left to buy sushi
  12. [DISCUSSION] Dream sub Unit?

    Honestly I'm a freaking anime fan so once I thought about if it would be nice to see Twice singing some Love Live song... Think about it... Imagine J-line singing in freaking japanese a song from an anime and if it was love live I would die!!! Any cover in Japanese would be good also or even an original song ;3 and they debuted in Japan so I'm just waiting hehe
  13. ... SaiDa... I just can't... I guess I just like tragic shipps.