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  1. Chaeyeon

    [DISCUSSION] I Confess

    1- I confess that when i started listening to Twice I completely ignored Sana's existence for like, a month. I just didn't think that shy shy shy was cute( I started in Cheer up era) and she was just... Idk. But then, I watched Twice Private Life(and changed my point of view)and started to know more about her and her personality... Now my life is over :') 2- I listened for about 30 seconds of IGBAS then deleted it and never dared to play it again. I don't like that song at all. 3- I didn't recognize Mina at first, it took me about a week to see her among the others haha. 4-I really like Sana's voice, she should sing more. 5- And I also think Sana is the second best dancer. 6- I believe that Cheer up is their best MV(not the best song just the mv) until now. 7- I like Twice too much haha
  2. Wow I dreamed about Sana and she was so beautiful :).but... In the dream I was waiting for my mother to drive us to school, me, my two brothers and our friend Sana, but she was really delaying us and making us wait so my mother got inpatient and put us inside the car without Sana, I was mad bc we didn't wait for her but ok. So, we were like five minutes later inside the car and then I realized I forgot my backpack and had to go back(I'm stupid) but then we were getting back and the road was blocked(?). We had to walk, school was forgotten. In the path home we suddenly meet someone familiar, guess who, it was Sana and she was like glowing( idk how to explain) and she was dressed with a white dress(very pretty) her hair was light brown and she was so beautiful and smiling so brightly omg I died hahha but then, she was holding hands with a guy. I thought they were dating but she let his hand go when we got closer. From the inside I was like : who the hell is this???!( the guy didn't even talk with us)) and from the outside I was like : helllooo:))))))). It was stressful. She looked happy. That's it basically, thought about sharing about it here hehehehe, I usually have crazy dreams and mostly with Sana or Mina.
  3. Chaeyeon

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Your Favorite Twice Song Instrumental

    Cheer Up is really good but Knock Knock has my heart, it literally makes me cry And one more time bc it's stuck in mind
  4. ...idk, i just know that it's amazing
  5. Chaeyeon


    Cheer up movie theme is amazing! I think our brains are too small to understand the theme behind Heart Shaker...
  6. Hahahaha. Here : https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1239860/red-river-girlxgirl-werewolfau-2na-twice-chaeyu-dahmo-jeonghyo Look, I'm not really good but I tried so... It's DahMo but in my dream it was me and Mina . My dream was from the first until chapter five, the rest I did with my imagination I'm really good at remembering dreams so, i love my brain :) About Nayeon kissing Momo... For now I'm just waiting until it really happens...
  7. I turned one of my dreams with Twice in a fanfiction
  8. ... I've already dreamed two times about Nayeon kissing Momo...
  9. CR: @sanacottoncandy Cr: 마쉬멜로우