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  1. Yesterday was one of the best time  I had on-air while doing radio :ny-yes:

  2. [K-Dayz] Twice/Kpop Online Radio

    K-Dayz: Rainy Days is now on air via here
  3. [K-Dayz] Twice/Kpop Online Radio

    D-Day is here If you have any last minutes song requests, just drop it here
  4. Newbie

    Hello and Welcome, Royeon
  5. [K-Dayz] Twice/Kpop Online Radio

    A new week and a new radio COMING SOON THIS FRIDAY
  6. Who is the Most loved Bias.

    Hello and welcome
  7. Why/how did you guys become a once??

    I am a kpop fan for a long time. I got into doing online radio djing because of it which lead me to being introduce to Twice and I instantly fell for them
  8. [K-Dayz] Twice/Kpop Online Radio

    K-Dayz: Moments is now on-air
  9. Twice Signal Era Wallpapers

    Your Welcome...
  10. [K-Dayz] Twice/Kpop Online Radio

    One day left until K-Dayz radio going live Feel free to drop more song requests Here is something I been working on for the past week Twice number Project
  11. Twice Signal Era Wallpapers

    Time to complete this project Glad I started this Momo Mina Tzuyu
  12. Hi guys

    Hello and Welcome. Hope you enjoy your stay here
  13. Twice Signal Era Wallpapers

    Thought it was the end? No way am I going to stop half way Going to complete this as a set Sana Chaeyoung
  14. Twice Signal Era Wallpapers

    Thinking of my Co-DJ, I made this ?
  15. How Did You Discover TTF?

    I am a kpop fan for a very long time starting from 2008 with Boa. Then, SNSD where I got the interest of doing my own radio show about kpop. On early 2016, I was told by one of my listener/friend who is a member in here about this forum where at that time I was basically drifting around loving kpop with only Taeyeon. Well, the rest is pretty much how I settle in here and go crazy