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  1. ENG SUB

    Weekly Idol Twice 720P
  2. ENG SUB

    Please watch it from here instead Weekly Idol Twice It is removed on Youtube
  3. So hard to reject.....but if I must I will go with Nayeon and reject the others as her age is the closes to mine
  4. Wow!
  5. I am almost to my mid 20s so, our age isn't that far of the difference. Overwatch, most probably next week
  6. Hello and welcome
  7. Woah, a full profile intro but I am surprise our origin to kpop is the same, just that I started around 2006/2007
  8. Never thought of it. It does have similarity with Lilo and Stitch
  9. twice

    Wanting a new lockscreen for my phone so, end up redesigning this
  10. More
  11. I chose The Story Begins since that is how everything started when I fall for Twice LIKE A FOOL
  12. Apa khabar and welcome to TTF, fellow Malaysian Once
  13. My bias is Mo.......*Wrecked*......Nayeon. Too cute for me to handle and I still blame myself for getting brainwash by @RyuJ
  14. Requested by @#Satzu Enjoy~
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