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  1. WASSUP Y'ALL :)

    Welcome to ttf!!! @Read'em And Weep I also hope we could be friends hihi
  2. Hello from Philippines <3

    welcome to ttf forums~ have fun here
  3. The "Show me your face" thread!

    It has now
  4. The "Show me your face" thread!

    Here is my faice~~ Kill me xd
  5. [TZUYUIST] What do you love about Tzuyu?

    Ooooh, I like Mina and Tzuyu so MiTzu! But argh I'm starting to fall for Nayeon
  6. The Official Chatbox Emoji Associated With Member Thread

    Yes pls
  7. Happy Birthday to you! :congrats:

    1. Xcrayonex


      Thank you!!!


      Sorry for the late reply



    2. JokbalManiaMomo


      Nah its okay, I hope you enjoy your day! :ny-yes:

  8. Happy birthday! :congrats:

    1. Xcrayonex


      Sorry for late reply :ty-tt:


  9. Happy Birthday! 

  10. Happy Bday!!


    1. Xcrayonex


      Sorry for late reply :ty-tt:

      Thank you xD

  11. Happy Birthday to myself~~~

    1. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias


      O, happy birthday! :congrats:

    2. Xcrayonex


      Thank you xD sorry for the late reply 



  12. The Official MiTzu (Mina x Tzuyu) Thread ❤

    Omg I remember this episode. TT
  13. Mitzu for life!!! <3

  14. I posted this on a wrong thread sorryyyyy ;_; how do I remove dis