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  1. The Official MiMo (Mina & Momo) Thread ❤

    I have no problem with them sinking, but at least I know deep down that they do love each other so much that they don't need to show to us ONCE's
  2. The Official MiMo (Mina & Momo) Thread ❤

    it's been a while....
  3. -List of websites for Twice Merchandise-

    I'm adding a kpop website for Indonesia which I know Lucious K-Store Melodiary Gasoo Kpop Galore JKLoop These 4 websites are the most trustworthy to buy kpop albums and stuff in Indonesia since i've purchased from each of the web
  4. Ayy long time no see! :sn-hi:  I was quite shocked to see a notification from you:ny-oh: :mn-game: How have you been? 

    1. mimoguri


      I'm good! i was busy with college so i havent got much time to lurk around here:mm-eat:

      and now since this is my last semester so i can be a little relax (although i still have to do my thesis lol). glad to be back :mm-ballet:

    2. Mina'sPenguins


      Oh I see. I feel ya :ny-yes:I'll be pretty busy when I start my last semester this fall:dh-heh: Ah well that's nice that you have more time now :dh-nice: Yeah! great to have you back :cy-clap: I'm guessing you saw the (in)famous MiMo ... kissing incident? :mm-shh:

    3. mimoguri


      yeah i finally got time to get back to ttf:jy-flee: well good luck to you :mm-jjang: of course! i'm speechless by them... i have to personally thank Sana for making it happen:sn-hey:

  5. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    btw kalo ada yg mau join grup once indo, silahkan pm saya yaaa
  6. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    udah lama ga buka ttf.....
  7. whoa look at this thread, its been awhile since i visited ttf
  8. The Official MiMo (Mina & Momo) Thread ❤

    @mimohng thanks to you i really love their lowkey affection toward each other
  9. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    don't worry my lip is sealed
  10. The Official MiMo (Mina & Momo) Thread ❤

  11. Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    i see what you did there
  12. that pointy nose of her can slice through just about anything i'm telling you TRUE! its a typical shot i would take during a date with gf
  13. hands down she has the best side profile out of 9 members