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  1. [INFO] Industry Experts Name Best Hits In Korean Entertainment

    Yoo Jae Suk and BTS!!
  2. [INFO][The Korea Times] Flower festivals to raise curtain on spring

    Wow!! So beautiful!
  3. [INFO] TWICE's Tzuyu wishes Twitter a happy birthday

    Cute chewy...are she has a personal twitter? Since she love twitter very much
  4. [DISCUSSION] Getting tickets

  5. Honey Popcorn, a girl group composed of former JAV actresses, just debuted with the song "Bibidi Babidi Boo"! It's actually pretty great! (That's coming from someone like me who usually isn't into this sort of girl group song or title tracks from the hundred other Apinks out there.) cOPY FROM bangtan base https://bangtanbase.com/topic/4307-mv-honey-popcorn-허니팝콘-bibidi-babidi-boo-비비디바비디부/?do=findComment&comment=98182
  6. [FANART] Momo Showing her Beauty