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  1. [DISCUSSION] Twice Fanfic Thread

    Lightwavesurfer-nim is a legend; those fics are gold! if you have read this: http://archiveofourown.org/works/6986566/chapters/15920320 - Kiss her once (Kiss her twice to keep the night on) You can check out https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1264632/sunday-funday-collegeau-twice-mimo-saida Sunday Funday by a friend of mine! She's a wonderful author and I promise you, this fic doesn't disappoint. :) it was completed only recently! saltnpaper-nim's fics are pretty good as well! https://www.asianfanfics.com/profile/view_author_stories/395910/L
  2. [DISCUSSION] What are your favourite Song of twice?

    In order of albums, Like A Fool, Truth, Next Page, Melting, ONLY 너, 24/7, Having You (my most recent fav) !!!!
  3. Twice: The Facts

    Aww thanks for sharing this! They're so cute! Hope that they would find someone who loves them very much and cherishes them.
  4. Was studying today at a cafe when I accidentally played "Only You (ONLY 너)" out loud (my earphones weren't plugged in yet) :jy-eww:BUT somehow, the table opposite me were Korean tourists and they asked me if I was a ONCE. My day is madeee :mm-ballet::cy-cutie:

    1. MyiMina


      OMG SO COOL!~ :mn-gasp::mm-wow: 

  5. Hello! [Intro]

    Thank you @SanaBanana_ hehe thank you @AuGuStKz !! It was thanks to this video that I could remember their age order LOL
  6. spent an hour scrolling and am gladly swimming in penguin heaven right now
  7. Any LGBT Onces Out There? (18+ If Necessary)

    New to forum as well. Am a closeted Bisexual but... I think I'm more towards being les than being straight.
  8. [MINAIST] Which Mina OTP is your favorite?

    Mimooooooo. We need more Mimo moments really, these days it's all MiChaeng and MiTzu. (they're cute though)
  9. [NAYEONIST/VID]NAYEON Sing 'Missing You'

    Qween Nayeon blessed us with her vocals feat. cutiepie momo omg NAMO
  10. [GAME] Last Letter

  11. [GAME] Rhyme Time

  12. [GAME] First Word You Think Of

    Sana (I think it's because of the previous post)
  13. Hello! [Intro]

    keke yes I checked that out and positively went to jokbal heaven! Thanks @Shyness
  14. Hello! [Intro]

    Thank you all :) This is the warmest forum I've been on Do you all have any interesting threads to recommend? :)