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  1. DUBUisYUM

    DUBU x CHAENG Small Fanart^^

    @Plume 아니야~~~ you followed me first that was too kind not many people follow me because I'm new and I'm smol :((( so thank you i appreciate it!!!
  2. DUBUisYUM

    DUBU x CHAENG Small Fanart^^

    @NayeonBunnyIsMyBias THANK YOU SOO MUCH~! @Plume omg your too kind
  3. DUBUisYUM

    DUBU x CHAENG Small Fanart^^

    @MyiMina Really naww Thank you so much! Really means alot.
  4. Hey Team Twice Forums and Onces, I'm a fairly new once and I don't really know much but all I know is that i love Dahyun and Chaeyoung so I decided to make a small fanart of my fave ship DubChaeng. Ummm its not very good compared to all the other ones i've seen on this forum so I don't mind some criticism. WELP! heres the image: https://imgur.com/a/KFGv3 If anyone is good at graphics design and digital art please contact me I've been meaning to get better at that and i would love to turn this into a digital image and use it maybe as my profile some day. Thank you very much for the warm welcomes so far! ^^
  5. DUBUisYUM

    Happy Jihyo Day FanArt

    sooo goood!
  6. Did photoshop all them THEY ARE SOOOO GOOD! omg is it okay if i used some of them as like cover photos and all that???
  7. Welcome to TEAM TWICE! Please be sure to read the forum rules before posting. Browse around, introduce yourself and get to know the other members! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.