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  1. :ny-chu:

    1. Mintyoongi_TT
    2. Shyness


      how's life lil Minty ? :ny-rawr:
      Long time no see :ny-look:

  2. So I was up at 5 am to watch the new video and I am glad i did

    1. RainbowFluffyPanda


      it can be your morning coffee :dh-lol:

    2. Mintyoongi_TT
  3. Happy Valentines day mah dudes:mm-heart:i love you guys sm:mm-heart::mm-heart:

  4. HEYOOOOO I have been sick and my power keeps on going off cuz here in nc it keeps on snowing and I cant even go to the freaking gas station to buy some chips, but candy pop was so nice and I REALLYYYY liked it. My niece keeps on saying candy pop . She really likes sana as well. I hope everybody had a good new year and good christmas

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    2. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      Your niece sounds cute :3

    3. optzumistic


      @Mintyoongi_TT power outages are terrible :( it snowed a few days ago but it's all slushie now 

    4. Scheherazade


      might be late but happy new year! huhu

  5. Mintyoongi_TT


    i hope everything goes well and stay safe!!! happy holidays!
  6. Mintyoongi_TT

    Does it snow there?

    I don't really know you but... Thanks for stay with us!
  7. Yes I have heard about how jonghyun died. I really liked Shinee and he was actually my bias in shinee. It really hurts my heart and I was so sad tis morning he was my bias and he died. He was a an amazing sweet funny and kind person who cared for others. I really miss him and I hope tha he is a better place now. I will love and miss you Jonghyun. I hope that wherever you are it is a good place. RIP Jonghyun. :mm-pout:

    1. TheKyeoptaBunnyNayeon


      Be patient
      the life goes on
      who died just remembered


  8. net neutrality
    i guess they repealed it so idk what imma do

    i love ALL of you sooo much

    stay kind to each other and support each other


    1. Undecided


      Imagine not using all your ₩ ONCE to pay for your Team Twice forum package. :ny-lol:

    2. Mintyoongi_TT
    3. Undecided
  9. dont you just love how chaeyoung looks here:cy-omg:

    she looks adorable :ny-yes:

    1. Scheherazade


      ikr! best look so far IMO :mn-hehe:

    2. Undecided


      Its the best emoticon next to this one. :cy-nice:

    3. DoesAnyoneLikeCake


      Ikr, that Chaeyoung just looks so adorable! One of my fave emotes here! :cy-omg:

  10. Mintyoongi_TT


    hiya i see sailor moon huhwell welcome back to the forums i hope you enjoy your stay here and that you make new friends
  11. WOW!!!! The new song is really good! It's very catchy and I already know some of the lyrics! I recommend hearing it. I think ) 0 to 10 my rating is 11 :jh-cheer:

    Imma go hear it at school. Lol239822487046212.png?r240x240btw tuzyu looks really pretty here just sayin

  12. Mintyoongi_TT


    haha thxs XD
  13. Mintyoongi_TT


    Hi! Welcome to TTF! I hope you have a fun time here! Everybody is very nice here. I hope you have a very fun time here! Fighting!