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  1. :ny-chu:

    1. Mintyoongi_TT
    2. Shyness


      how's life lil Minty ? :ny-rawr:
      Long time no see :ny-look:

  2. So I was up at 5 am to watch the new video and I am glad i did

    1. RainbowFluffyPanda


      it can be your morning coffee :dh-lol:

    2. Mintyoongi_TT
  3. Happy Valentines day mah dudes:mm-heart:i love you guys sm:mm-heart::mm-heart:

  4. HEYOOOOO I have been sick and my power keeps on going off cuz here in nc it keeps on snowing and I cant even go to the freaking gas station to buy some chips, but candy pop was so nice and I REALLYYYY liked it. My niece keeps on saying candy pop . She really likes sana as well. I hope everybody had a good new year and good christmas

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    2. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      Your niece sounds cute :3

    3. optzumistic


      @Mintyoongi_TT power outages are terrible :( it snowed a few days ago but it's all slushie now 

    4. Scheherazade


      might be late but happy new year! huhu

  5. Yes I have heard about how jonghyun died. I really liked Shinee and he was actually my bias in shinee. It really hurts my heart and I was so sad tis morning he was my bias and he died. He was a an amazing sweet funny and kind person who cared for others. I really miss him and I hope tha he is a better place now. I will love and miss you Jonghyun. I hope that wherever you are it is a good place. RIP Jonghyun. :mm-pout:

    1. TheKyeoptaPenguMina


      Be patient
      the life goes on
      who died just remembered


  6. net neutrality
    i guess they repealed it so idk what imma do

    i love ALL of you sooo much

    stay kind to each other and support each other


    1. Undecided


      Imagine not using all your ₩ ONCE to pay for your Team Twice forum package. :ny-lol:

    2. Mintyoongi_TT
    3. Undecided
  7. dont you just love how chaeyoung looks here:cy-omg:

    she looks adorable :ny-yes:

    1. Scheherazade


      ikr! best look so far IMO :mn-hehe:

    2. Undecided


      Its the best emoticon next to this one. :cy-nice:

    3. DoesAnyoneLikeCake


      Ikr, that Chaeyoung just looks so adorable! One of my fave emotes here! :cy-omg:

  8. WOW!!!! The new song is really good! It's very catchy and I already know some of the lyrics! I recommend hearing it. I think ) 0 to 10 my rating is 11 :jh-cheer:

    Imma go hear it at school. Lol239822487046212.png?r240x240btw tuzyu looks really pretty here just sayin

  9. Hope yall have a nice night :mm-heart: Sleep well

  10. Mintyoongi_TT


    lights on cuz it lit lol im dumb
  11. Mintyoongi_TT

    [GAME] Name the person above you

    Peachy Queen
  12. Mintyoongi_TT

    [GAME] True or False Game

    FALSE. The person below me is an A.R.M.Y
  13. Mintyoongi_TT

    Twice United States of America Thread

    So there are many Once here. So where you from? The West The Midwest The North East The South (I am from here) So where are all the Once people from? Jesus a roaster Good job