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  1. Ma[X]imusTZUYU


    i do have an account but i misclick the membership withdrawal button. so, my account doesn't exists anymore. :( anyway, thanks for the help. :)
  2. Ma[X]imusTZUYU


    thanks for that but i can't open my account on fans@jype :( sad huhu
  3. Ma[X]imusTZUYU


    guyyys! :( i think i withdraw my membership on my account in fans.jype . is there a way to retrieve my account? HELPPPPP please! :( the registration for once 2nd gen is not yet authenticated. HUHUHU please
  4. Ma[X]imusTZUYU

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    I have contacted a seller then he said that it is currently not available at korea.
  5. Ma[X]imusTZUYU

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

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