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  1. I can't stop watching it!! I'm supposed to study and do my homework right now (but Twice is more important lol)
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    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Post count: 1,518 Award requesting: "Summer Nights" - Momo
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    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SummerNights

    Both pls
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    You’re welcome
  5. I love this thread! I’ll add some pictures soon
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    Hello welcome to TTF! Enjoy your stay here
  7. I seriously can’t wait!!!!
  8. How to join the fanclub? lmao
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    hello! Welcome to ttf!
  10. I've posted this about a month ago, I still can't use a bigger gif??
  11. Jungyeon and Sana shared some cute behind-the-scenes moments from their "What Is Love?" MV on 'TWICE TV'! Although the moments in the actual MV were fairly short, the filming of the scene actually took quite a bit longer! As a parody of the famous American movie 'Ghost', TWICE's Jungyeon and Sana had to create pottery together, with Jungyeon as Demi Moore's character in the front and Sana as Patrick Swayze's role in the back. The two displayed cute awkwardness, especially since Sana's arms could not reach the pot, and the two had to constantly shift postures to get into a comfortable position! Meanwhile, Jungyeon continued to lip-sync well throughout the shoot, maintaining professionalism even as Sana's face inched closer to hers. © Allkpop
  12. TWICE's Jihyo has revealed a teaser image for a solo release titled 'Candy Night'. Jihyo held a broadcast on 'V Live' titled 'Jihyo's Candy Night' this past February, so it may be the TWICE member is teasing another solo live stream. Fans are hoping she's preparing to drop a solo song, but we'll have to wait and see for confirmation! Stay tuned for updates on TWICE and Jihyo! © Allkpop
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    [FANART] Flower Princess Momo(In progress)

    Good luck!
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    nice hahahaha
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    [FANART]Happy Birthday Chewy!

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  17. I'm so sorry for being inactive, I was just busy and I need to attend school. Came back here in TTF because it's Tzuyu's birthday :ty-rawr:

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      Welcome back!

  18. WATCH IT HERE! ONCEs please stream TT! It has currently 346,320,957 views! The record of first K-Pop group to reach 350M views will be our birthday gift to Chaeyoung, so keep streaming