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  1. [GAME] Last Post Wins!

    The winner will win
  2. MooMoo here to join the Twice Army! n_n

    Aye welcome to TTF! Hope you enjoy your stay and have fun!
  3. Oh man I’m feeling dizzy.


    My first experience with an earthquake. In school ._. 


    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Picapict


      well since i live in yogyakarta, i've getting accustomed to earthquake lol it happens quiet often here :ny-hmm:

    3. Pink Heart Shaker

      Pink Heart Shaker

      i've been to jogja a couple times and thank God i've never experienced a single earthquake when i was there

    4. chaerrybear


      Please keep safe!

  4. hello

    Heyo! Welcome to TTF! Right, so WONCE is our currency here! We can earn it by creating topics or posting in already existing topics! You’re a trainee because you’re new, and yes, it will level up by posting more! That’s from me, hope you enjoy your stay in here and have fun! (also, RM? You an ARMY? :D)
  5. [FAN ART] Drawing Twice Attempt 1

    It doesn’t look bad for an attempt lel, keep practicing and you’ll get it eventually :)
  6. [GAME] Last Post Wins!

  7. Here to let you know

    Yo, hello, welcome to TTF! Of course you can like other groups heh, I like BTS, Red Velvet, Blackpink, SEVENTEEN, and a few other groups too. Hope you enjoy your stay here and have funn~
  8. [GAME] last thing you did

    Showered with Nayeon .-. Uhhhhhhhhhhh
  9. [GAME] Ochakai Maid Cafe (Roleplay)

    Jeongyeon notices something off. Nayeon is usually a very happy and energetic person, and those personalities weren’t present when she made the joke. “I’m gonna go see what’s going on with Nayeon, she’s acting weird.” Jeongyeon says, her voice trembling slightly as she hurries to the room Nayeon entered.
  10. [GAME] The person above you

    Likes randomness
  11. Who have bias more than 8?

    I don’t have more than eight biases but imma say this- HELLO FELLOW JIMIN BIAS! JIMIN YOUR LAUGH IS MY CURE
  12. [DISCUSSION] What can make you stop being a Once?

    It’s not easy to make me dislike something. I think it will be hard for me to be able to dislike TWICE because they’re the first kpop group I started stanning and they were the ones that got me into kpop. It always goes like this for me with every artist I like: you start liking them and you love them, then you just stop liking them for a while before suddenly, you give them another go and you find yourself falling in love with them all over again. But honestly I think what would make me unlike TWICE is just the change of my music preference, and maybe if they insulted a race, or religion, etc. For me it depends on how severe the insult is though. If it’s meant to be a joke, I’ll still love them but the amount of love I give them is less than the amount before. But even if I stop liking them for any reason, I’ll always go back to listen to their songs, because man their songs are amazing :)