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The Story Begins
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  1. Dubudabbdabb

    [FAN ART] Twice Emotes

    this emotes need to be updated I hope so cuz I love using it
  2. This morning I saw that it was your birthday but I didn't have time to send you a message :ny-pout: Happy birthday sweetie! And don't worry you're beautiful inside and out~ :dh-chu: 

    Lots of love ♥ ♥

  3. Dubudabbdabb

    [DAHYUNIST/PIC] Daily Tofu

    desktop wallpaper <3
  4. erm, I already have 50 content count
    but why I cant open chatbox?

  5. my eyes I'm was shookt I'm not ready for that
  6. Dubudabbdabb

    [DAHYUNIST] Why did you like Dahyun?

    You don't need a reason to like someone I like dubu cuz I love dubu