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  1. I remember meself way back, being a TWICE Trash because of Kim So Hyun
  2. do you know da wae?

    sOmeBodY tOuchA mY sPAGeTT
  3. [FMV] TWICE Dahyun & Sana (SaiDa) -Perfect(Ed Sheeran)

    I don't know Perfect by Ed could be more perfect when you made a FMV from it.
  4. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Your Favorite Twice Song Instrumental

    I can't just vote to the poll, make it multiple choice please. On the other hand, I love Signal's melody and TT as well
  5. TTF members nickname thread

    Francis. so holy.
  6. Continue the story~!

  7. HI!!

    Greeting! Welcome here at TTF. Good to see new maknae line stans here
  8. Continue the story~!

    Nayeon whispered Pigeotto to put them down because she thinks it would be dangerous for them to follow these warfreak men. After they landed into nowhere, they just watched the strange man and another muscular man fly towards the other way, Mina said "should we follow them or..." but the other members insisted "Nope."
  9. Tomboy. I like her looks especially in TT era.
  10. TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    sinong bias mo sa exb? ah! it should be "bili ninyo ako ng twiceland bluray, salamat"
  11. [GAME] Ochakai Maid Cafe (Roleplay)

    "I don't know unnie, I've been more fascinated with foods lately. It would be perfect if you would let the decorations done with Nayeon-unnie and Sana-unnie." Mina said while pouting because of frustration. She started to right down the possible menu-worth foods and drinks. "Unnie, can you call their attention? I need suggestions about the menu."
  12. [GAME] Ochakai Maid Cafe (Roleplay)

    "I'm gonna help make the menu." Mina suddenly raised her hands, everyone in the cafe was in awe, Mina, who's fixing her hair with her penguin headband stood up and took her notepad.