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  1. I'll Try, You Were Beautiful, Still, Shoot Me, Letting go, Congratulations, I like you, etc. all by DAY6, you should listen to those because you were definitely missing the best songs of our lives except TWICE ofcourse. :ny-peek:

    1. chaerrybear


      Congratulations is my fave.

  2. TendyLoops

    [DISCUSSION] TWICE Unpopular Opinions

    Another one... TWICE's fanbase are all only boys, there are girls but they're only 12 years old and below.
  3. Well, so I am here again to start a discussion thread that we all can enjoy talking for hours. TWICE Unpopular Opinions, as the title itself we will talk about the known unpopular opinions about our girls So now, I will start with this... TWICEcoaster LANE 1 and 2 are the best era of TWICE
  4. TendyLoops

    Finally coming back to TTF

    Hi! I've been here just since November 2017 so I never got a chance to know a lot of old members here, hope we all get along.
  5. TendyLoops

    [GAME] Rate the Song Above You

    10/10 I love IVOS Try "Still" by DAY6, you guys were missing the best song ever made by them
  6. TendyLoops

    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Ha! may katukayo na ko kay chaeyoung, alam mo ba ako lang ata ang chaeyoung fanboy dito.
  7. Happy birthday! :cute:

    1. Jajangmyeon


      Thank you very much!

  8. TendyLoops

    [WONCE] Custom Rank Title (4000 Wonce)

    Username: TendyLoops Title Requesting:「 DubChaeng Enthusiast ♥」
  9. TendyLoops


    It's the first time I saw you. Looking forward to see more from you, and I hope you won't be inactive anymore
  10. TendyLoops

    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SummerNights

    I'm sorry but you only have 1,900 Wonces. It's for only 1 special award.
  11. I do checking my goals in every TWICE comeback, and one of my goals is to memorize every DubChaeng rap part in every MV, I memorized their parts from Like OOH-AAH Era up to What is Love Era, but now, I don't know how do I do that since Chaeyoung's line distribution issue.
  12. TendyLoops


    UPDATED BIAS LIST (AS OF JULY 11, 2018) Chaeyoung Dahyun Jihyo Momo Mina Sana Nayeon Jeongyeon Tzuyu Jihyo gradually got the top 3 when I started appreciating her since Heartshaker Era, Chaeyoung is intact still, Dahyun got the top 2 because I don't think there's even an explanation to that.
  13. TendyLoops

    [DISCUSSION] Underrated TWICE songs

    I don't see anyone talked about Pink Lemonade..