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  1. I really should have started this kind of thread since my first day as a once, there has been a lot of stuff I am noticing in their past comebacks and it's my queue to start with Summer Nights. As anyONCES can see, this comeback is a big bop! Our girls have gifted us with new visuals, new songs and new will for us to still support them. Day by day, our support for them never loses. And I know we are really thankful of that, we are well fed and spoiled. But again, I made this thread for us to see how we feel or any confession we have to say from the comeback. So, I have these bullets that shows what I have thought or noticed. Chaeyoung's got the shortest line ever I know I am not the only one who've noticed how the song got. Chaeyoung sang only for about 3 seconds, and it is only the title itself. Although there's a couple of voicings, for devoted Chaeyoung stans, it is not good to see that we see our favorite member getting ridiculous shortest line possible, considering that she's a member too and noted by the other members as the most talented. Even listed as one of the most talented girl idol of Korea. This is even worst than BTS' Jin's 4 seconds of lines from their "Not Today" MV. I even thought that this was Chaeyoung and Jeongyeon's Era but no. But! Despite that, she is one member that has a lot of appearance from the "Dance the Night Away" MV. See the pictures inside So I now think that's only fair square. I'm not prejudicing, I actually like how the underrated members years ago are now the stars of their new MV. The B-side "Dejavu" makes sense now Before the announcement of their summer comeback, I have talked some of my ONCE friends that Dejavu sound like a summer song, disregarding the meaning of the lyrics, it sounded like a beach party song and it even has dubstep at the bridge part so I thought that time maybe TWICE will have their summer comeback and a repackaged of "What is Love" album, and now here it is. I actually think I'm getting good at guessing. CHILLAX and Shot Thru the Heart These new B-sides are all bops too. I personally like CHILLAX because I can't explain how amazed I am with Nayeon's voice projection in the chorus, it gives me goosebumps I don't know. The same feeling goes with Lyricist MiSaMo's debut song, I found myself clapping with the melody whenever I listen to it. Okay so far, those are the only bullets I have noticed and I will let you know if I have something new. For now let's just talk about thrices, they are now lingering in articles that are anti-twice and TWICE MV's comment section on Youtube, tweeting hateful tweets on Twitter and commenting "tWiCe cAn'T sInG" on Facebook, even "helping" other fandoms to increase the views of their idol's MVs yet encouraging them to dislike TWICE MVs as you can see below I know there's more, manipulated MR removed videos are their main weapon against TWICE and us and it's fast approaching, there would be antis articles that will spread fake news and I think they will never stop. So, I am encouraging you to protect our girls at all cost. Do your best at repelling them in a positive way possible. I wish only the best for us and for our girls. Let's do our best! Fighting!
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    TWICE Philippines Discussion Thread

    Ha! may katukayo na ko kay chaeyoung, alam mo ba ako lang ata ang chaeyoung fanboy dito.
  3. As the title says, what do you think is the most underrated song of TWICE? For me: Ponytail - It's a ROCK song! I never thought TWICE would be good at singing ROCK songs, if I were able to choose a genre for them, I'll definitely pick those who have ROCK in genre titles, it's just sad that only few people really loved this song like I do. 툭하면 톡 (Ready to talk) - I don't know why this is underrated, this song for me is really good that it even makes me bang my head with every beat it gives, plus Chaeng's cool rap tones. Pit-a-pat - I'm definitely straight but this song makes me unleash my girly powers (lmao). Kidding aside, it has joyful melody that gives you a exciting feeling, a must-listen song when you were kinda depressed and when you were needing little sweetness in your life (atleast for me) that's why I also don't understand why it was underrated. I know many of you will agree or disagree so state yours!~
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    [WONCE] Custom Rank Title (4000 Wonce)

    Username: TendyLoops Title Requesting:「 DubChaeng Enthusiast ♥」
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    It's the first time I saw you. Looking forward to see more from you, and I hope you won't be inactive anymore
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    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SummerNights

    I'm sorry but you only have 1,900 Wonces. It's for only 1 special award.
  7. since @ilovekaramorethanthebeatle made his own poll about Dahyun, why won't I make for chaeng's meself? since chaeng's threads are fast dying (lmao pls)
  8. I will just leave these hanging here. Be pleased aesthetically.
  9. Here's the other one THE ULTIMATE CHAEYOUNG POLL 2017 I decided to bring this back because 2018 is now fast approaching and I will definitely make another one for 2018 so...
  10. I do checking my goals in every TWICE comeback, and one of my goals is to memorize every DubChaeng rap part in every MV, I memorized their parts from Like OOH-AAH Era up to What is Love Era, but now, I don't know how do I do that since Chaeyoung's line distribution issue.
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    UPDATED BIAS LIST (AS OF JULY 11, 2018) Chaeyoung Dahyun Jihyo Momo Mina Sana Nayeon Jeongyeon Tzuyu Jihyo gradually got the top 3 when I started appreciating her since Heartshaker Era, Chaeyoung is intact still, Dahyun got the top 2 because I don't think there's even an explanation to that.
  12. This is a must-read article from Koreaboo that talks about the evolution of our Nayeonie. Be sure to check it out and start mesmerizing. Photos of TWICE’s Nayeon From Birth Until Now Show Her Complete Evolution - Koreaboo
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    [DISCUSSION] Underrated TWICE songs

    I don't see anyone talked about Pink Lemonade..
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    [AWARDS] ☆Limited Edition☆ #SummerNights

    woah, another chaeng fanboy. It's rare to see another one like me, hello
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    [AWARDS] Awards Request Thread

    Fixed. I'm sorry
  16. Jihyo is the leader and main vocalist of Twice and also, one of the shortest member at just 5'3. Jihyo has never been overweight or 'fat', for the most part her body distributes weight evenly. However, Jihyo's face holds onto any weight gain, making her appear more bloated than she is. During Twice debut they receive a lot of criticism, Jihyo was often made fun of her weight, so that she began to start losing some weight but took it slow and smartly. Jihyo has not talked much about her diet but Jihyo has not crashed deited or lost lots of weight quickly. So let's talk about when Jihyo was in her pre~debut, Jihyo was rather slender. She joined JYP where she trained for about 10years. Jihyo fit right in and wound up having close ties with many idols and Jyp himself, also a real fact everyone loves her a lot, but this may began her downfall...After 10years its possible that Jihyo got too comfortable and slowly began to neglect herself. So in the year 2015, Jihyo joined 'JYP SIXTEEN' a survival show where rookies would compete to debut. Jihyo was no longer a senior that could relax, but put on an equal playing field as a competition.Through the show, JYP always showed a liking to Jihyo and always complemented her unlike the others. I think JYP intended Jihyo to debut as the leader from the start regardless what the line up would it be, also I think he choose to put Jihyo in the bottom to test her not to take her position for granted. But beside voice, many thought Jihyo is far behind the other girls, some judges were very harsh. But also the audience, many said that Jihyo's face was too bloated for them. Through the month, Jihyo did not lose any weight despite the warnings and her claims. Regardless, JYP found her an asset and irreplaceable for Twice, her hard work payed off. A few months later in October Twice debuted with 'Like Ohh Ahh', but things did not go so well for the girls. Twice hit the jackpot for 'The most hated group of the year'. A hate following as big as fans landed their own anti-fandom 'Thrice'. As a group or individual, the girls receive a lot of bashers. For Jihyo her weight is the easiest target. Jihyo also met a lots of blacklash for being a 'sub-par' vocalist after Twice got caught lip- syncing. Regardless the girls kept their spirit high, all the noise made them go viral. Twice became the most viewed kpop debut in YouTube history. Straight into 2016, Twice kept up promotions and in March began their own reality TV show. That time Jihyo look like she began working out. Her legs became more toned and firmer than before. She is finally able to show off her waist instead of covering it with jacket or something. Jihyo was starting to look as fit as her members. Jihyo's fanbase started to grow and the hate died off after fans saw how hard she was working. Straight into May 2016, they released 'Cheer Up', and it doubled their previous success. Although Twice met the same hate as before but their support tripled and with fans standing behind Jihyo's slow weight loss they couldn't affect her. However through the month, antis were desperate to hurt Twice, they made a lots of videos complaining their lip sync and poor lives that would up going viral. Jihyo is the strongest vocal holding 70% of the group,but even she was bound to make few mistakes. This time Jihyo's vocal became the target for antis. Jihyo later performed on 'Masked Singer' and gave a few lovely performances that were defamed. When it aired, it was a shocking reveal and most of the antis, didn't know how will they destroy Jihyo from this kind of competition, Jihyo reveal much her unique and rare voice in front of many people. So that the antis switch focus again onto Jihyo's appearance again. This time, using her child photo as a way to backhandedly insult her looks. This became very stressful time for Jihyo and she started putting weight on all over again. Form this label of Jihyo being Twice 'BLACK HOLE' visual began popping up to try and break her esteem. Jihyo appeared back to her 'Ohh Ahh' weight and fans thought, she was looking bloated again. But Jihyo always showed her most grateful and loving self, even to fans who weren't kind. When Twice returned in October with 'TT' it was another smash hit breaking tons of record for a Kpop m/v. Not only Jihyo's weight back but fan all agreed her beauty and energy was radiating again. Jihyo was overflowing of confidence in the coming months, and Twice only receive more love. Fans were very impressed on Jihyo because of the hard work of this girl for the sake of her group and also for her self even though it didn't come easy. Thing were looking up for Twice. Promotions went strong for Twice in December and Jihyo maintained her weight perfectly. Jihyo's fanbase also started growing as she is one of the members who has the least popularity, but did you know? In 'TT' era, her fanbase came strong, as many junior onces supporting Twice especially Jihyo and now she is in #3 most biased in their group (Worldwide). Also her popularity all over the world spread as she is a talented girl, and also the leader of one of the most famous kpop girlgroup, TWICE. (and now she is called as 'GOD JIHYO') All the old hate around Jihyo disappeared and her mood only got brighter and happier. Fans were determined letting Jihyo know that she was beautiful and only getting more prettier than she is. Twice popularity kept rising and they never got a break. Just 3 months later they comeback again. In May, they released Signal, but sad to say the antis comeback and called it as 'THE WORST KPOP SONG' ever made. But still the girls were determined to stay happy for the onces. For the next 3months Twice promoted in Japan. Also in October, they released Likey , this song was another succcessful comeback for the girls and this time, Jihyo looked more toned than before, also she's getting abs again. A month later, Twice comeback again with Heart Shaker. By December, Jihyo was thought to have the best figure in the group together with Momo.I think Jihyo is always smart and takes things slow w/ exercise seems to be the core, making her weight loss actually stick around for months and years either. Even more, Jihyo seems to be pleasant with her self and always enjoying herself on stage. Also, if she should gain weight in the future, as long as fans/onces are remain as supportive as they've been, I doubt there will be any other case of complaining. In 2018, Jihyo's weight still looks totally healthy and perfectly fine. Leadernim GodJihyo as always! Credits: ©AllianaKynaBianito via TWICE GLOBAL FAN GROUP - FACEBOOK
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    it worked for me thanks! shall I deduct 10k wonce meself?
  18. Time to replace my cover, I'm using chaeyoung thanks.
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    Twice Chords

    This thread needs reviving, If you have something to share a TWICE song chords, please post it here looking for Say Yes and Stuck. What is Love Chords
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    Hi! you seems a nice person, welcome here at TTF
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    Finally! the long wait is over