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  2. [JIHYOIST/GIF] Jihyo Gif Thread

    Jihyo hairflips
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  4. Times are changing on the Korean Peninsula But even so, there are some misconceptions about North Korea. It actually has a tourism industry, so people are allowed in and out but it's still very strict and un-free (if that's a word...)
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  6. [NAYEONIST/PIC] Nayeon A Day!

    wtf, lol.
  7. [DISCUSSION] Have ONCE saw TWICE Japanese members parents

    Yeah, I remember thinking Mina's parents look so much like her, Momo's look really friendly and Sana's don't look that much like her, but they seem really young and her father looks kinda scary.
  8. [GAME] 100,000 Post Game

  9. [VID] TWICE Fansign Experience

    OMG, why would you have TWICE sign your merchandise only to then sell it? Fake ONCES.
  10. I wouldn't say Tzuyu got more beautiful, just she changed to a more mature beauty. I still love looking back and seeing adorable "baby" Tzuyu. I think that's the East Asian age reckoning. You start life at age "1" and add a year to your age at either Lunar or Solar New Year, I can't remember which. So whilst internationally we consider Tzuyu to only be 19 in June, in Korea she's already 20.
  11. [DISCUSSION] Any other famous celeb who like TWICE

    cr: koreaboo Jessica Jung has also said she likes TWICE and I remember Taeyeon danced to TT in one instagram video.
  12. [DISCUSSION]Have you guys listen to TWICE song in 0.25 speed

    Well, not on YouTube, since if you put a YouTube video on 0.25 speed you don't get audio.
  13. After I broke my foot back in September I used a hiking stick to help me get around. I still keep this stick in my room. Not as some sentimental reminder, but because it's the perfect length to allow me to operate the light switch in my room without getting up from my computer chair. :ty-hehe: