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TWICE's Pet Gerbil

Sana's Merry Xmas
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  1. [GAME] Would you rather?......

    I'd have to share pizza with Sana and she can have most of it because I don't really like pizza that much. Would you rather know da wae or not know da wae?
  2. [DISCUSSION] Who would be awkward in a sexy concept?

    I have to say none now, since after some of the more recent special stages I decided even Dahyun isn't awkward doing the sexy concept.
  3. [DISCUSSION] What things of Twice do you have?

    In addition to what I listed before, I now have: Merry & Happy, Merry (green) version with Momo's CD + photobook + both posters + photocard set + Merry postcard + Merry stickers + Sana A version photocard + Jihyo B version photocard + Jeongyeon special photocard.
  4. Hello Once!

    Welcome, Jexter! I'm TWICE's Pet Gerbil Well, I love telling the story of how I became a ONCE. I was a fan of SNSD since 2011 so I was familiar with K-pop already. But I only discovered TWICE because I went to an event called the International Cultural Evening (ICE) whilst I was at University in Sheffield. I believe it was March 4th, 2016. The Sheffield K-pop dance society did a cover of Like OOH-AHH and I loved it so much I searched it practically as soon as I got home. I didn't know the song name so I just typed "ooh ahh" into YouTube and lo and behold, the first result was the Like OOH-AHH M/V! I watched it and clearly there was something too enticing about these girls, so I started searching more about them. I was a fan (and majorly Sana-biased) in less than a week and the rest is history. Hope you enjoy it here. Make sure you read the rules and guides as others have said; they will be a big help. Any other issues, don't be afraid to ask.
  5. Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome to TTF! Cool shirt! I think you could share your designs in the "Other Talents" or the "Fan Art & Graphics" section, but best ask a staff member to be sure...
  6. snkV7cy.gif

    Shifu Tzuyu is right. I think I will take her advice...

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    2. optzumistic


      life lesson + savage lmao:sn-lol:

    3. maxix


      That was so savage from our lil pup :ty-lol:

    4. Pink Heart Shaker

      Pink Heart Shaker

      Right in front of Sana!!! LOL!!! i cannot :dh-lol:

  7. [GAME] 100,000 Post Game

  8. [GAME] Ochakai Maid Cafe (Roleplay)

    Sana spoke up again after spending the last few minutes quietly hugging the newly arrived Jihyo: "Mina-chan, we should have green tea flavour ice cream, at least. It's really popular these days. I can go out and look for some suppliers for it and other food if we like?"
  9. Hii :3

    Wow, a Nordic ONCE Hello and welcome! I live just across the pond from you in the UK. You've already read the rules and guides, so I think you'll have no trouble here I have a bit of TWICE merchandise, myself, I listed it all on my profile, haha. That reminds me I have to update it with the Merry & Happy stuff I just got. Hope you have a great time here.
  10. Hello~~~ New Onces here :)

    Hello new ONCE I'm TWICE's Pet Gerbil Welcome and hope you enjoy the forum. Do make sure to read the rules and helpful guides the others above have linked for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask anybody!

    Yeah, there is already the Nayeon gif thread
  12. My Merry & Happy posters came! I forgot I'd ordered them... :ty-notbad:



    What is going on in this last one? Chaeyoung looks like she's boxing (again) and Sana is doing a hadouken. :sn-lol:




    I feel like I'm being seduced... :ny-look:


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    2. TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      Seductive Momo is the best Momo, haha :mm-pdnim:

    3. Phebe


      I have the Happy poster in my room too :ny-lol:

    4. Picapict


      Her eyes show da wae :jy-stress:

  13. [DISCUSSION] bookworm?

    I wish, but nah, I'm terrible at writing poetry.