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  1. Hello and welcome! bQcWdgQ.png

    Do make sure to read our rules and 101 to help you become an expert on this forum. gyXPv2W.png

    Hmm, if I were choosing a university to go to in Korea I'd choose the one where Nayeon is studying so I can be her classmate. :ny-oh:

    But I think it's probably very tough to get into Korean universities and you'll need to be really good both at your subject and Korean language. :ny-peek:

    Anyway, hope you enjoy this forum. s2d4aLz.png?1

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  2. I have several unpopular opinions but I don't know if I should share them... ZAMQnH3.png


    But I guess that's what the topic is for, lol: :ny-lol:

    1. Streaming M/Vs is not that big a deal.

    2. The true maknae line is Mina, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu (the youngest of each nationality).

    3. NaMo is the superior ship.

    4. Someone Like Me is overrated.

    5. Mina doesn't have the best English in the group.


  3. I blame Momo's long blonde Like OOH-AHH hair for my not paying much attention to her initially. I don't think it suited her; it kinda looked like a wig even though it wasn't and it obscured her pretty face shape.
    I really love Momo's recent short black hair, though. She seems to be getting prettier and prettier. :mm-whut:I like the twintails she's been sporting now and again recently as well; they look really funny and childish, lol.