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  1. :mn-cry:So today at the school where I volunteer, I saw a crow struggling to get out of one of the duck ponds. I figured it would drown if I left it, so I tried to get it out, first with a stick but when that didn't work I just lifted it out with my hands. It didn't act panicky around me, but after I lifted it out of the pond, it seemed traumatised, could barely move and minutes later it died. I know it's just a crow, but it has me feeling guilty and wondering if it died because of me.

    1. Phebe


      :mn-cry:rip crow

    2. optzumistic


      oh no :sn-shock: I'm sure you didn't kill it. You tried to help, but the crow probably did't have enough strength to recover.

    3. RainbowFluffyPanda


      you tried to help and that's all that matters :dh-dubu: