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TWICE's Pet Gerbil

Sana's Merry Xmas
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  1. OMFG! :dh-smthing::dh-smthing::dh-smthing:


    0hrxITV.png*Holy sh#t!*




    fUIIC8K.png *Urrgh!*


    cr: allkpop

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    2. optzumistic
    3. I. Am. Jihyo's

      I. Am. Jihyo's

      Oh MA god Jihyo's top I think I had a heart attack lol 

      And oml Chaeyoung looking feisty over there... :cy-omo:

    4. Ahn Haeju
  2. [GAME] Tzuyu or Nayeon?

    Tzuyu More likely to use public transport over other forms of travel?
  3. [GAME] 100,000 Post Game

  4. Any LGBT Onces Out There? (18+ If Necessary)

    It gets confusing after the first four
  5. [GAME] 100,000 Post Game

  6. [GAME] True or False Game

    False The person below prefers comedies to dramas.
  7. Any LGBT Onces Out There? (18+ If Necessary)

    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender
  8. The "Here's a Photo I Took Myself" Thread

    I'm sure there's a scientist out there somewhere who can explain why the ice in the two pics looks so different.
  9. [DISCUSSION] Your TWICE song ranking

    You mean just our top 5?
  10. A new 🐧 is born!

    No but I can give you strawberry sauce and you can pour that on yourself.
  11. A new 🐧 is born!

    I'll ship it to you. Might be cold by the time it gets to you, tho, sry.
  12. A new 🐧 is born!

    You want fries with that?
  13. New Once

    Greetings new ONCE! I'm TWICE's Pet Gerbil. Everyone's already given you everything you need to know, so I'll just say welcome and hope you have a great time here.
  14. Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome to TTF! I'm TWICE's Pet Gerbil. Phebe's told you everything you need to know. Just do what she says. Hope you have a great time here!
  15. A new 🐧 is born!

    You ladies are just making this thread so hot.