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TWICE's Pet Gerbil

Sana's Merry Xmas
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About Me

Introduction :sn-hi:

Greetings! Thanks for checking out my profile! You will be bewildered by what you find here :P Read on if you dare... :sn-stare:

Who Am I? :ny-wut:



I'm a half-Chinese, half-English guy from the UK called Jamie. You may have seen me on YouTube going by the name of "Jim, TWICE's pet gerbil". I borrowed the idea of the name from another user called "TWICE's pet hamster" with their permission, lol. I have loved TWICE ever since I found them in March 2016, but my K-pop introduction was through SNSD. One day, in October 2011, I was browsing the page of Ayane – my favourite DOA girl – and learned of the Dead Fantasy fan-made series, which the creator, Monty Oum (sadly now deceased), had even made a couple of music videos for. Thus, I learned of "Dead Fantasy - Gee", and it took only one listen for me to think: "Wow, this is really catchy". Since I already had a thing for memorising foreign language songs (thanks, Jackie Chan), I had to learn it, but I soon became curious as to the girls behind the song. I investigated more and my interest in Korean music and culture was born.

On March 4th 2016, I went to the International Cultural Evening in Sheffield, where I was attending university. I nearly didn't go to the event as I only went the previous year to support a girl I liked, who wasn't there this year and who my relationship with had recently become "complicated" shall we say. But I did go to the event and the Sheffield University K-pop dance society did a cover of "Like OOH-AHH". I thought the song was so great that I looked it up as soon as I got home, simply typing "ooh ahh" into YouTube, and lo and behold I discovered TWICE! I'm quite proud that with both SNSD and TWICE, I got interested in them purely because of their music and not their looks (although I do find them all gorgeous and it's their personalities that made me become a fan).

I feel very lucky to have discovered TWICE when I did, because when I found SNSD, they'd already reached their peak and so I never got to support them when they truly needed it, whereas with TWICE I'm able to join them on their epic journey as they grow in ability and fame, support them at a crucial time and watch as the legend is written.

I guess you could say my dream is to become fluent enough in Korean to somehow gain employment under JYP Entertainment so I can work with TWICE and eventually marry Sana. Who knows? Dreams do come true! TWICE have proved that!


My Personality :jh-rose:



My personality is generally probably closest to a combination of Mina and Tzuyu, the only thing is they looks like queens whilst I look like pond scum T_T

However, I do also occasionally have a dirty sense of humour. I'm never trying to be offensive or anything but let me know if I ever cross any lines.

I tend to be much more eloquent and jokey in writing than in person, so my personality in writing is maybe closer to Jeongyeon or Nayeon. I can also be pedantic at times but will try to rein it in online. That's the advantage of writing; I can take time and care over what I say.

I'm also very weird and will often comment in probably too much detail about random things tangentially related to the topic at hand, in a way that either shows my pedantic side or suggests I have too much time on my hands. Due to my scientific background I tend to analyse things a lot.


My Biases :sn-heart:



My future wife ultimate bias is Sana. I already had a massive crush on her less than a week after discovering TWICE (I documented the evidence on Soshified, so that's how I know, lol). Sana is a rare example of a perfect human being: caring, hardworking and completely pure of heart. All my love belongs to her and I doubt that'll ever change ♥

However, my "secret bias", which I shall define as the bias I fear I might have but am incapable of accepting, is Chaeyoung. She has so many talents, there's nothing she can't do, yet she's so underappreciated.

Nayeon is my number one bias wrecker, like, if Sana rejected me I'd totally marry Nayeon instead, lol. It's easy to see why when you realise that Nayeon can arguably outdo Sana in terms of weirdness and cutie-sexiness.


My Favourite TWICE Songs :mn-rocku:



I'm a bit of a musical whore, lol, I can usually find a way to appreciate any music (but not twelve-tone "music"!!)

I loved all of TWICE's title tracks (including their Japanese ones) instantly, except SIGNAL, which took some time to grow on me. I still think the format of the song is weird and that Mina should not rap. However, my favourite of their title tracks so far would have to be LIKEY and KNOCK KNOCK.

I also love Do It Again, Ponytail and Jelly Jelly, the latter of which I thought was the most ridiculous song ever at first but later grew addicted to >_<



TWICE Merchandise I own :cy-omo:



TWICEcoaster: Lane 2, A version + photobook + A version poster + B version photocard set + lyric booklet + sticker set + Dahyun A version photocard + Sana special gift (basically a cardboard Sana you stand on your desk, lol).

SIGNAL, C version (Laundry version, lol) with Dahyun's CD + photobook + serious looking poster + first press limited edition photocard set + Tzuyu version 1 photocard + Nayeon special photocard + wearing white photo.

#TWICE [Type B] CD and DVD (first press limited edition) + group trading card.

Twicetagram, glossy C version with Jeongyeon's CD + Nayeon, Jihyo and Mina photobook + Chaeyoung's stickers + Nayeon B version photocard + Momo C version photocard + Chaeyoung A version photocard.

To ONCE from Jihyo photobook.

Merry & Happy, Merry (green) version with Momo's CD + photobook + both posters + photocard set + Merry postcard + Merry stickers + Sana A version photocard + Jihyo B version photocard + Jeongyeon special photocard.


My Favourite Emotes for each member




Although some of these I don't get to use that much...


My Other Interests :mm-ballet:



  • As well as K-pop, I love Classical Music, especially piano music. I play the piano...sort of.
  • I've loved martial arts from a very early age, which bizarrely enough kinda led to my discovery of K-pop. I have a brown sash in Lau Gar Kung Fu.
  • I love creative writing and have lots of projects planned, including a trilogy of trilogies(!) but I don't know if I'll ever complete them T_T
  • Martial arts movies
  • Bruce Lee
  • Jackie Chan
  • Donnie Yen
  • Biology
  • History