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TWICE's Pet Gerbil

Sana's Merry Xmas
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  1. OMFG! :dh-smthing::dh-smthing::dh-smthing:


    0hrxITV.png*Holy sh#t!*




    fUIIC8K.png *Urrgh!*


    cr: allkpop

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    2. optzumistic
    3. I. Am. Jihyo's

      I. Am. Jihyo's

      Oh MA god Jihyo's top I think I had a heart attack lol 

      And oml Chaeyoung looking feisty over there... :cy-omo:

    4. Ahn Haeju
  2. [GAME] Tzuyu or Nayeon?

    Tzuyu More likely to use public transport over other forms of travel?
  3. [GAME] 100,000 Post Game

  4. Any LGBT Onces Out There? (18+ If Necessary)

    It gets confusing after the first four
  5. [DISCUSSION/POLL] Should they harmonise more?

    One difference I always noticed between TWICE and the only other group I stan, SNSD, is that with the latter there seems to be quite a bit of emphasis on the group harmonising, i.e. singing together, whereas with TWICE this seems like a rarity. Their choruses aren't "choral", but refrains led by members – usually but not always the main or lead vocals – who sing individually. I'm guessing this is simply JYP's style as it's like this in songs by other JYP groups, e.g. Miss A's Bad Girl Good Girl. So something that stood out to me about Merry & Happy was how in the final chorus they do all sing together (more noticeable in their live performances) and they sound so good! Maybe they only did it because it was a Christmas song but it was still a pleasant surprise and made me want to ask "would you like to hear them harmonise in their songs more?" This is just a simple opinion poll; I feel both styles of chorus/refrain are really perfectly valid, but I do think it's nice to throw in this special OT9 effect from time to time.
  6. [GAME] 100,000 Post Game

  7. [GAME] True or False Game

    False The person below prefers comedies to dramas.
  8. Any LGBT Onces Out There? (18+ If Necessary)

    Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender
  9. The "Here's a Photo I Took Myself" Thread

    I'm sure there's a scientist out there somewhere who can explain why the ice in the two pics looks so different.
  10. Hello chingus! Have beautiful photos you've taken on your travels around the world? Or your home town? Or maybe just random totally unimportant photos that you don't even know why you took? Well, here is a place for you to share such photos! I went through a few titles before deciding on the name of this thread, which sums up the basic rule: you can post any photo you like* but it must be one you took yourself as that's what makes it meaningful. (*As long as it doesn't break the forum rules, of course...) A few of other basic rules, however: Please don't post photos of yourself. If you want to do that, you can do so in this thread. Don't post photos of other people without their consent. Always be mindful of posting photos that could potentially identify you and where you live. Consider what you upload and post at your own risk. Now that's out of the way, I'll get us started with one of my favourite photos ever: It's a sunset taken in Abisko, Sweden, within the Arctic Circle. As it was summer, the sun never really "sets" at this time of year, but this is how it looks at about 10:30 pm, from a high enough vantage point. Perhaps we have some Onces who are budding pro photographers? Share your photos below or spazz about other people's photos!
  11. [DISCUSSION] Your TWICE song ranking

    You mean just our top 5?
  12. A new 🐧 is born!

    No but I can give you strawberry sauce and you can pour that on yourself.
  13. A new 🐧 is born!

    I'll ship it to you. Might be cold by the time it gets to you, tho, sry.
  14. A new 🐧 is born!

    You want fries with that?
  15. New Once

    Greetings new ONCE! I'm TWICE's Pet Gerbil. Everyone's already given you everything you need to know, so I'll just say welcome and hope you have a great time here.
  16. Hi everyone!

    Hello and welcome to TTF! I'm TWICE's Pet Gerbil. Phebe's told you everything you need to know. Just do what she says. Hope you have a great time here!
  17. A new 🐧 is born!

    You ladies are just making this thread so hot.
  18. A new 🐧 is born!

    You're my heroine.
  19. A new 🐧 is born!

    Not another one! We have so many penguins on TTF now I wonder how we're gonna get enough fish to feed them. I hope they don't decide to start feeding them gerbils instead... Welcome Minari 🐧! The penguins are arguably the most enthusiastic of fans here. They reside in the penguin village. The two penguins who you'll need to know the most are @Lost Penguin (who you've already met) and @Picapict. I recommend you read our rules and 101 guide as they'll really help you understand how the forum works. Any other questions feel free to ask me or anybody. Nice to meet you and hope you enjoy it here!
  20. It seems all versions of The Story Begins album are out of print except the Taiwan version, so I guess I'm getting that one... :ty-notbad:

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    2. Phebe
    3. Lupay


      Same, doesn't matter to me though. :mm-pdnim: 

      Having a physical copy of the Story Begins in my hands is all that matters. :dh-wink: 



    4. TWICE's Pet Gerbil
  21. So, TWICE have released a huge number of music videos already and have a habit of making them totally awesome, from the epic and stylish LIKEY to the intimate and wholesome Merry & Happy. But are there any songs that don't have an M/V, but you think they'd lend themselves really well to one? And if so, let's hear some of your ideas for what the M/V would be like! Personally, I think Rollin' could have an amazing M/V. It's a really cool song, so naturally would be even cooler with the right imagery to go with it. I'm thinking a city at night full of neon lights, the members rollin' (:P) through the streets in open-top cars one moment, strutting their stuff on foot the next. There'd of course be solo shots as well as subgroup dancing and the whole group dance. Tbh I can't wait for them to do a concept like this.
  22. [GAME] 100,000 Post Game

  23. Here is a video of Sana eating for almost 7 minutes, lol. Not that I'm into mukbang or anything, but my first thought was "why so short?" Haha, does anyone have any other videos/gif/pics of Sana eating? And just look how she fits all that lettuce in her mouth at 3:47!! Is she actually a squirrel?? Or a snake that can dislocate its jaws to consume things larger than its own head?? All I can say is that, as a dude, there's a fairly specific reason why I find this kinda sexy...
  24. The "Here's a Photo I Took Myself" Thread

    You guys have shared some really amazing photos. Here are two icy pics from the school farm I volunteer at. In the aviary there's a bird bath (which you can see in one of the photos) and it's often frozen over recently, leading me to have to remove a disc of ice which I've found to be very aesthetically pleasing in its natural beauty. These pics were taken on two separate days and in both of them I'm holding the ice upside down, so the top side is the one that was previously underwater (the other side is just flat and boring, like most of the UK...). In the first one, the ice disk is much thicker and you can see the lines of air bubbles trapped in the ice; in the second one, I focused on the spiky bits on the underside of the disc, which I thought were were really cool
  25. [GAME] 100,000 Post Game