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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3phNcSrKc See if you can find all the perks behind the design.
  2. Acutally i’ve waited for the dream for a long time. It was a quite recent dream. They just finish a show or smth. And they was walking to somewhere and I was in middle their way and waiting for sana to take a selfie. But for some reason I can’t take the picture and before i can take it my dad woke me up...
  3. SANA 4 L1F3

    [DISCUSSION] What Was the First TWICE MV You Ever Watched?

    Loa I was scrolling through facebook and saw sommpi’s news of Twice Ohh Ahh 하개 performance. And so i watched their mv and downloaded the song. I was then only listening to their songs, but when TT came out, they changed me and I fell in to the hole that there is no way back.
  4. SANA 4 L1F3

    [DISCUSSION] Twice coming back?

    I see a trend when Twice is about to come back, they start to stream in vlive a lot. There were few live yesterday and one today. I wonder if they are comming back at march, i hope they get more rest before their comeback.
  5. SANA 4 L1F3

    [DISCUSSION] Twice Photocards

    Anyone placed Twice's photo cards behind their phone? Will you always look at it? Just asking to see am i weird
  6. I think its cute but wierd at the same time, and i dont really like the anime concept. I kidda foresee that it will become something like love live such as body pillows and stuff that sexualises them.
  7. SANA 4 L1F3

    [Discussion] Candy pop release date

    I was shock when I found out they came back with candy pop today. Anyone know they will come back today in japan before? Because they said they will release at Feb 7 in their offical account. This happen last time with One More Time, i dont really gets how jyp japan works
  8. SANA 4 L1F3

    Uploading pictures

    I think an option of upload pictures from computer directly can be added. This can make uploading picture much more easier and people might upload more of Twice’s beautiful pictures. If I am wrong at any point feel free to correct me.
  9. SANA 4 L1F3

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Twice Ranked 9th

    By the means of rank 9th please try and understand after watching this video. http://www.vlive.tv/video/44960 start at 19:30 if you are dont want to watch the whole video
  10. SANA 4 L1F3

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Twice Ranked 9th

    I personally thinks its momo Althought sana is clumsy but momo hit her head in school when she was young
  11. SANA 4 L1F3


  12. She became my bais wrecker http://m.vlive.tv/video/54197?channelCode=EDBF at 7:35
  13. SANA 4 L1F3

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Twices gayest members of 2017

    Why is this a question its obviously SANAKY
  14. SANA 4 L1F3

    [Discussion] Twice’s schedule

    Anyone thinks that JYP should let Twice for at least a month before coming back either in japan or korea. They are working so hard that they can’t have enough rest, this might cause them to be exhausted and become sick. They are coming back in japan In February with candy pop roght after october’s one more time and likey and december’s heart shaker. They deserve some good resting time.
  15. Happy birthday to my cutest sexiest clumsiest sana. Hope she get even more cute and sexy in 2018. You don’t deserve the 21th most beautiful girl in the world, you deserve 1st. But it will be a great birthday present.