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  1. SANA 4 L1F3

    [DISCUSSION] Dance the night away outfit

    I just think momo’s outfit in the episode was too much.
  2. SANA 4 L1F3


    I wonder if the producer got the idea for the k drama missing 9.
  3. Im disappointed... What is the logic behind make them so revealing, they are god enough without revealing anything I feel sorry looking at that, even if i am a male. http://www.vlive.tv/video/79282 Watch the video and you will understand what I am saying
  4. SANA 4 L1F3

    [DISCUSSION] Twice world tour

    Actually as a 16 years old at that time and being in taiwan, she should know the situation well. I think i understand that more as I live in Hong kong, us and taiwan share the same political issue.
  5. In Nayeon’s IG post, apperently she decide to tell us their comeback day will be 9/July And then their was news about Jyp confirming they will be comingn back in July. what a spoil queen https://instagram.com/p/BjtLUnQA_hG/ But JYP need to get my girls some rest for good. Jesus, a comeback in the middle of concerts. They are going to be exhausted.
  6. SANA 4 L1F3

    [DISCUSSION] Twice world tour

    https://news.tvbs.com.tw/fun/924735 Heres the news about the guy that critize tzuyu for crying while speaking ing chinese. its in chinese tho ****ing retard, why cant these people die out in natural selection. @ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3 Jesus cried, This make me so mad I can rip his skin off until he bleed out.
  7. SANA 4 L1F3

    [DISCUSSION] Twice world tour

    Why arent they coming to Hong Kong for their concert, I’ve been waiting since 2016. If it is really because of the incidence that made our Tzuyu apologised, I will absolutely beat the living crap out of that retarded guy that express his anger on a 16 year old girl. I just think that guy is metally retarded. (Its a taiwanese but supports china) I dont really get why holding her country’s flag is a problem that needs apology. (Taiwan is not a part of china) There was also another taiwanese guy recently said Tzuyu is a shame as can’t even speak chinese well just because she was crying on their concert. I just dont get why those people that stands on china’s side can be such overbearing and retarded.
  8. Breaking news Momo is actually a twin, she have a twin sister! http://www.vlive.tv/video/68132 Please start the video at 6:50
  9. SANA 4 L1F3

    [DISCUSSION] Stray kids & Twice

    I understand but the longer they are single the happier I will be. It just seems that I am a selfish guy, and yeah I admit it, I can forsee that I will go mad if I heard that they are dating
  10. SANA 4 L1F3

    [DISCUSSION] Stray kids & Twice

    Basically yes
  11. SANA 4 L1F3

    [DISCUSSION] Stray kids & Twice

    Idk if someone will agree to me, but i am sure that there are many that disagree. I just hate when they interact with each other. I hate when they go close to Twice, that just ruin my day and I get angry, most of it is disgust and envy. Although I understand their interaction is normal and there is nothing wrong with that. But I mean their dating ban is going to expire, I just dont want to see them dating. U can say Im a hater, but I guess that came from the inside of my heart so try to persuade me, but I expect that will be useless.
  12. I am mad at their stylist. what’s that and this is way too short Same as this Our girls are not going to that dark side, where everything is about sex. Can jyp please train their stylist better and I really hope I am the manager and stop them from wearing that on stage
  13. Read comments and made some improvements on my furture car.
  14. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3phNcSrKc See if you can find all the perks behind the design.