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  1. How do you make a moving profile pic

  2. Spoiler

    Going to use one of the 59 Marina And The Diamonds Lyrics For When You Need An Instagram Caption from Buzzfeed so give me those Instagram likes guys :ny-wut::ny-lol:



    "Love will never be forever, feelings are just like the weather"
    - Marina and The Diamonds, Lonely Hearts Club


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    2. Ahn Haeju

      Ahn Haeju

      I like that song humm

    3. Phebe


      @Ahn Haeju I thought of you when I saw the quote :cy-lol:

    4. Ahn Haeju
  3. Everyone in TWICE is pretty. But yes, I can agree that Nayeon really has the visuals and talent to be a top idol; so does everyone else kekeke
  4. Phebe

    [DISCUSSION] What made you into Twice?

    I presume that most of the threads of how people discovered TWICE have been archived.
  5. Phebe

    hi i'm zade, i don't bite :>

  6. Phebe

    [DISCUSSION] What made you into Twice?

    Don't know. But I'm not doing it since I don't think any other staff members have a problem with it.
  7. Phebe

    [DISCUSSION] What made you into Twice?

    I'm telling you that if you want to merge the threads then do it yourself, because we're not doing it.
  8. Phebe

    Have you guys seen What is love 8D

    Custom awards are 60k WONCE for all four and one for 15k, and at the moment you only have 1k WONCE, so when you want to get one and have 15k WONCE I can still help you if you need it. Special awards are awards from special occasions or holidays that are also limited edition like the '#' awards.
  9. Phebe

    [VID] What is love GREASY VERSION

    Only true memers understand these though so most people just find it funny because of the sound but not what it actually means :<
  10. Phebe

    Have you guys seen What is love 8D

    Please request it here.
  11. Phebe

    Have you guys seen What is love 8D

    To see all of the awards you can be given, go here. The "Era:" awards cost 100 posts each. Era awards can be bought here. The Photoshoots, Selcas and OTP awards cost 2,000 WONCE. Those awards can be bought here. From my calculations, it takes about 60-70 posts to get 2,000 WONCE. The "#" awards are limited edition, and cannot be bought after a certain time.
  12. Phebe

    Twice Students Discussion Thread

    Asking for where people go to school? Hmmmm.... Don't feel comfortable sharing that, no thanks ^^,
  13. Phebe

    Have you guys seen What is love 8D

    8D I love that face