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Status Updates posted by Phebe

  1. I bring you the true secret of what men do in the school bathroom.





    You're welcome.

  2. It seems people believe think it's cool to spam downvote.

    I don't care if you downvote me but do not downvote the people who wish me a happy birthday. You're a sicko. How would you feel if I spam downvoted you on your birthday and downvoted everyone who wished you a happy birthday? It's rude and absurd. 

    I know lots of people on here want nothing more than me to disappear but sucks for you because I'm a strong independent women who can now make jokes and not be serious without getting criticized for my age so ha, you succ

    But anyway, yeah, I would like to thank the staff for appointing me as Mod on my brothers birthday and removing me as Mod on my birthday. Truly the best birthday present ever. I suddenly feel free. Being a mod put a lot of weight on my shoulders. Not just because of my age, but because I'm insecure. I understand that I'm young and I'm not mature.
    I was suppose to take things seriously and be the person other members look up to. To some, I'm their role model. To some, I'm the most immature person on the entire forum. But it seems I am now neither.

    I've had a lot of pressure and judgement because of my mod duties on here. It seems that now I am no longer a staff member people still want to hate on me. This time by downvoting me instead of using words. Most likely to taunt me since I now do not know who is doing it. So whoever is, you suck. You're a bastard. Thank you.
    Maybe you all should think about your actions before you do something. Your actions are what is making this forum toxic. Your actions are what is making this forum what is it. TOXIC.

    For now, I am taking my leave.

    You win.

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    2. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

      ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3


      "Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover" That's what y'all haters should listen, hear and see 


      Never doubt and judge a person who you think that you know, so for all you haters buzz off
      ( sorry for the words) but still.


    3. LinYuBear
    4. #Twice


      Wow first Myi mina now you!?

      Why torture me :ny-sad:

  3. Thank you for your time
    Didn't even bother telling me but okay

    I hope you guys don't crumble

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    2. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

      ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

      What will happen @Phebe ? Whose going to be the best mod now? :mm-tt:

    3. LinYuBear


      argh I just said you are the best mod ever yesterday but now you are not even a mod aaaaarrrrgggghhhh

    4. Phebe


      @Plume Thanks for the downvote or upvote

  4. Thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes <3<3

    My mom got me a scale for my birthday, oof @-@

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    2. nayeonlover


      happy birthday, hope all your wishes come true:sn-cutie: 

    3. Phebe


      @nayeonlover One of them was ruined yesterday but thanks oof

    4. #Twice
  5. Happy birthday my twin :ny-rawr:

  6. I will be gone for the majority of today and tomorrow. I have to go to the chiropractor and then a lot of other really random stuff. Then tomorrow I will just be busy in general (because of you know what h a ha). In all honesty I really hate my birthday. I never really celebrated it growing up and now I suddenly have real friends to celebrate it with, so it's a bit nerve wracking and weird for me. I'm turning 14 tomorrow, or in a few hours for some of you. It's pretty crazy to me, especially because I feel so much older than I actually am. But some of you do actually think I'm older than what I really am (I'm not 21 thank you very much). 

    Please don't open the spoiler unless you want to hate me.


    I was just leaving to go with my mom and my brother to the chiropractor and my mom just straight up started yelling at me because my brother asked "Why is Phebe coming", because the chiropractor is for my mom and my brother and not me. My mom started telling me I think everything is for me and stuff but I seriously don't understand, because she says she gives everything to me yet she makes me do everything. She literally gives brother everything and makes him do nothing. And because of what my brother said, my party has now been cancelled. I don't know if it's just because my mom lost her temper or it's actually cancelled. The issue is, I can only contact about 1/3 people who are actually going to my party, so the other two are going to just show up and have it be a waste of their time unless my mom doesn't actually cancel it. I understand that favorites is an issue but whenever I bring up the topic between my brother vs me my mom always takes something away from me or grounds me. She never wants to talk about it no matter how much I want to and she just doesn't care about how I feel towards the issue of unfairness in this house. She always says that she does everything but she doesn't. She constantly makes me help her with so much stuff and yet my brother does absolutely nothing but play video games in his room constantly and do good in school(ish). But it's possible that because I don't do good in school my mom just automatically hates me or something. It's not fair because I try my best, but I'm a procrastination queen.
    In all honesty I'm not all too upset, since I knew this was probably going to happen. It always happens, she constantly loses her temper over this stuff and cancels/takes away things that I'm looking forward to or enjoy doing. She thinks it's going to make me change but it's really not going to be changing anything. She doesn't really realize what she's doing. She used to do this constantly back in 2016, and you guys know what happened in 2016? I won't say what happened, but I'm sure some of you know. Some of you know the whole story. But, if she continues this it may happen again. I've been surviving, and around this time the issue would be intense and I'd try what had happened again. But I'm trying to stay happy, but all my mom does is ruin it. She calls me a spoiled brat and stuff. People online tell me that too, because they don't realize what I go through at home. And my mom doesn't realize what I go through at school and online.
    I understand if you guys want to call me a spoiled brat too and stuff, but I do all of this stuff for our family and I never get anything back other than Christmas and Birthday money which my brother gets as well. He actually gets more than I do. And I know there are some people who don't even get anything, but still. If my brother had the same issues with me I wouldn't be as upset over this.

    I'll just deal with it, I guess. So I won't be gone for the majority of today and tomorrow, guys. I'll be here, and I'll continue to get yelled at. I can't wait till I'm 18 and potentially be out in the streets. My mom has been worse with me ever since I came out as homosexual, now that I think about it. She may not show it but I swear she's a homophobe on some level smh
    Don't you ever wonder if you don't find 'the one', you're kinda just stuck?  My mom keeps telling me that I'll be out in the streets and my dad tells me I'll never get a 'boyfriend', so in my view, it's like, if I don't find 'the one' then I'll be out in the streets. It puts pressure on me to find someone to spend the rest of my life with, ya know? I know for a fact that I probably won't have a good enough job to be able to pull off life by myself, so basically, I would have to depend on someone else to make sure I don't go starving in the streets. Who knows, I'm still young so I don't know much.


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    2. Phebe


      @ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3 Aww thank you!! And welcome to TTF!!! <3<3

    3. ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

      ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3

      I have one question though @Phebe  why can't i enter the chat box? hahahaha



    4. Phebe


      @ImAOnce3513 (사나) <3 <3 To enter the chatbox you need 50 posts.

  7. Happy birthdayyyy


  8. Updated a lot with new pfp's

    If the MB/GB size is too high please PM me with the photo you want and I'll change the size for you :>

  9. If you want to ignore me and not talk to me anymore why do you keep going to my profile h uh ??


  10. Album photo's taken!

    I didn't take photos of the albums since they're already stocked in my room but I have photos of the photocards and stuff that came out of the albums.

    TWICE (What Is Love)


    I'm not a huge fan of this pre-order set, but I decided to get the version A album along with my version B so I just got it.

    I love the colors on this pre-order so I'm really happy I got it. Chaeyoung's teeth tho omg

    The slots are seethrough so it looks a bit weird, but there's the Chaeyoung photocard on the left, and a Momo, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu photocard on the right. I am literally so happy because that Momo photocard is the photocard I wanted the most out of any photocard!!!!

    Then after that there is the Sana one on the left and the Jeongyeon one on the right. The Sana one is in bad quality, I think it's actually the photocard photo, since the border isn't bad quality. It looks weird in my opinion uwu Jeongyeon looks like a goddess tho aa

    Then here there is Chaeyoung on the left and Momo on the right. Them and their pretty dresses <3

    Then we have Momo on the left and Nayeon on the right. I love Momo and Nayeon in glasses so much aaaa

    Then these are my scratch cards! I got the Sana and Dahyun one. A bit lazy to scratch it off in worry of scratching and possibly ruining the card, so I'll just leave it.

    Literally no matter how much I try I cannot get the photo to face forwards so you're just going to have to deal with it being sideways. If you guys have seen me talking about the albums then you've probably seen me praying to TWICE gods for the SaMo sticker, and I am so happy that my prays were heard, because I got it. My OTP needs are now happy.

    GUGUDAN (Cait Sith and Chococo Factory)


    For GUGUDAN's lovely album Cait Sith, I got the photocards of Mimi and Hana!

    For Chococo Factory, I got the photocards of Hana and Mina! Mina is kinda my bias, I'm still trying to figure it out, but I'm happy I got her <3<3

    OH MY GIRL (Banana Allergy Monkey)


    I got Binnie, and I'm really happy because she was who I really wanted to get eee <3<3<3

    Sorry for the weird lighting in some of them. These are taken in my kitchen again.
    The photos are also taken in my photocard binder! Maybe one day I'll do a video of it if my collection gets large enough. The majority of it is just empty spaces with one member in each page XDD

    1. JokbalManiaMomo


      Uwu I didn't see Momo pc but your so lucky cause you don't have any duplicate pc :ny-yes: Congrats on your pc's now I'm jealous hahahha

    2. LinYuBear


      lucky Phebe got her fav OTP SaMo scratch card :2na-hug:

    3. TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      You really struck gold with your WIL stuff. :ny-look:

      Imma post my collection tomorrow. I already took the photos but I'm tired and lazy right now. :ty-notbad:

  11. Happy birthday!



    @I. Am. Jihyo's says hi

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    2. Phebe


      @chaerrybear I'm not rich, I'm still a youngin so I get birthday and Christmas money. My parents are kinda rich (I mean, I literally live in the most expensive town in the Connecticut), but my mom, my brother and I live in a cheap condo (in my town it's hella cheap) for around $500K, but we rennivated it a lot so it's probably worth around $1.3M, and average houses here are around $2.9M.

      My dad on the other hand lives in an apartment that apparently costs about $2M a year. He goes on 'business' trips (vacation) weekly to China, Armenia, etc, and constantly says he's poor and can't support my brother and I as we grow up for school, hospital bills, medical check-ups, etc. My mom has to work constantly as an acupuncturist and a psychologist for people who suffer with drinking problems and taking drugs. 

      But uhhhh.... on my side I'm just a disappointment to my family lmao

    3. JokbalManiaMomo


      @Phebe you really tell your story hahahahha your rich cause you will buy me an album right? or I'm wrong hahahah :sn-lol: But please send some pic of Momo pc's huhu I'm so jealous

    4. LinYuBear
  13. Why do people post fanart that's not even their own fanart?


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    2. JokbalManiaMomo


      #Twice said good night here hahahahha how nice is sud uwu yeah, fanart thread is a little bit active right now but I guess it is a good thing tho for others cause I'm not that fan of fanarts but I do appreciate others work.

    3. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

      MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

      Because you want to let others know the art of that FANART? :ny-hmm:

    4. Lost Penguin

      Lost Penguin

      @JokbalManiaMomo Yeah same I like fanarts so much but I don't follow much acc on twitter :< TTF is my main fanart source :)

      @MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife Yeah that's the reason ... 

      And also another thing ... it is Fanart section not Fanart by you section :ny-yes:

  14. Happy birthday to the beanie on my head <3<3


  15. 100 days won!!!
    Thank you so much, everyone!

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    2. Lupay


      grats! :ny-soju:

    3. I. Am. Jihyo's

      I. Am. Jihyo's

      @Phebe we both know it's true lol

    4. JokbalManiaMomo


      Lmao a lot of mine is from phebe so yeah hahahaha :ny-yes:

  16. I bought myself five albums for my birthday woo

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    2. Phebe


      @JokbalManiaMomo My friend Jeanne is getting me the EXID album for my birthday uwu

    3. JokbalManiaMomo


      @Phebe woahhh I wish my friends also did that to me hahahah but sadly they didn't listen on KPOP music huhu

    4. #Twice


      @JokbalManiaMomo Ikr people even my friends hates kpop

      @Phebe you are so lucky :ny-pout:

  17. Is it just me that when I search literally just the letter "v" on Google the Heartshaker MV comes up









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    2. optzumistic


      I got Heart Shaker as the first video result too, wowow

    3. NayeonSquirtle


      if i go to videos after searching v its all twice lmao

    4. lilpengu


      I get What is Love, Heartshaker, and Likey

  18. I'm the Globglogabgalab. I love books, and this basement is a true treasure trove.

    I am the Globglogabgalab; The schwabboldabblewabble gabbleflebablabablab.

    I'm full of schwibbleglibblekind; I am the yeast of thoughts and mind.

    Schwabbledabbleglibbeglabbe schwibbleschwabglab; Dibbledabble schwibbleschwabble glibbleglabschwab.

    Schwabbledabbleglibbeglabbe schwibbleschwabdab; Dibbledabble schwibbleschwabble glibbleschwabglab.

    Ooh hahaha mmmh splendid! Simply delicious, ooomm hahaa haha!

    I am the Globglogabgalab; The schwabboldabblewabble gabbleflebablabablab.

    I'm full of schwibbleglibblekind; I am the yeast of thoughts and mind.

    Schwabbledabbleglibbeglabbe schwibbleschwabglab; Dibbledabble schwibbleschwabble glibbleglabschwab.

    Schwabbledabbleglibbeglabbe schwibbleschwabdab; Dibbledabble schwibbleschwabble glibbleschwabglab.