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  1. Why do people post fanart that's not even their own fanart?


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    2. JokbalManiaMomo


      #Twice said good night here hahahahha how nice is sud uwu yeah, fanart thread is a little bit active right now but I guess it is a good thing tho for others cause I'm not that fan of fanarts but I do appreciate others work.

    3. MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

      MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife

      Because you want to let others know the art of that FANART? :ny-hmm:

    4. Jumping Penguin 🍓🐯🐧

      Jumping Penguin 🍓🐯🐧

      @JokbalManiaMomo Yeah same I like fanarts so much but I don't follow much acc on twitter :< TTF is my main fanart source :)

      @MinaPenguin #TwiceismyLife Yeah that's the reason ... 

      And also another thing ... it is Fanart section not Fanart by you section :ny-yes: