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  1. Album photo's taken!

    I didn't take photos of the albums since they're already stocked in my room but I have photos of the photocards and stuff that came out of the albums.

    TWICE (What Is Love)


    I'm not a huge fan of this pre-order set, but I decided to get the version A album along with my version B so I just got it.

    I love the colors on this pre-order so I'm really happy I got it. Chaeyoung's teeth tho omg

    The slots are seethrough so it looks a bit weird, but there's the Chaeyoung photocard on the left, and a Momo, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu photocard on the right. I am literally so happy because that Momo photocard is the photocard I wanted the most out of any photocard!!!!

    Then after that there is the Sana one on the left and the Jeongyeon one on the right. The Sana one is in bad quality, I think it's actually the photocard photo, since the border isn't bad quality. It looks weird in my opinion uwu Jeongyeon looks like a goddess tho aa

    Then here there is Chaeyoung on the left and Momo on the right. Them and their pretty dresses <3

    Then we have Momo on the left and Nayeon on the right. I love Momo and Nayeon in glasses so much aaaa

    Then these are my scratch cards! I got the Sana and Dahyun one. A bit lazy to scratch it off in worry of scratching and possibly ruining the card, so I'll just leave it.

    Literally no matter how much I try I cannot get the photo to face forwards so you're just going to have to deal with it being sideways. If you guys have seen me talking about the albums then you've probably seen me praying to TWICE gods for the SaMo sticker, and I am so happy that my prays were heard, because I got it. My OTP needs are now happy.

    GUGUDAN (Cait Sith and Chococo Factory)


    For GUGUDAN's lovely album Cait Sith, I got the photocards of Mimi and Hana!

    For Chococo Factory, I got the photocards of Hana and Mina! Mina is kinda my bias, I'm still trying to figure it out, but I'm happy I got her <3<3

    OH MY GIRL (Banana Allergy Monkey)


    I got Binnie, and I'm really happy because she was who I really wanted to get eee <3<3<3

    Sorry for the weird lighting in some of them. These are taken in my kitchen again.
    The photos are also taken in my photocard binder! Maybe one day I'll do a video of it if my collection gets large enough. The majority of it is just empty spaces with one member in each page XDD

    1. JokbalManiaMomo


      Uwu I didn't see Momo pc but your so lucky cause you don't have any duplicate pc :ny-yes: Congrats on your pc's now I'm jealous hahahha

    2. LinYuBear


      lucky Phebe got her fav OTP SaMo scratch card :2na-hug:

    3. TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      TWICE's Pet Gerbil

      You really struck gold with your WIL stuff. :ny-look:

      Imma post my collection tomorrow. I already took the photos but I'm tired and lazy right now. :ty-notbad: