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  1. Hii :3

    Hello there, I'm Phebe! I'm a Moderator here on TTF (Team Twice Forums). I'm also a bot who never sleeps. (According to a special someone) Before you adventure into the world of TWICE, be sure to: Read the rules. If you have any questions about rules or privacy and personal information, you can go here, or you can PM me about it, I'll try to reply as quick as possible! Don’t know how this place works? Do not fear! Go here for help! If you have a question/suggestion for staff members, you can go here to ask them! If you ever feel bored, all you have to do is go here and you can play some form games with other members! Have amazing information about TWICE that you are dying to share with other people? You can do that here! But make sure that your information hasn’t already been shown on another topic in TTF! If you have any more questions, feel free to message a staff member! That's about as much as I can explain for now.
  2. I'm a minor HIGH and UJUNG
  3. [GAME] Tag!

  4. Twice Spain Discussion Thread

    On the bottom of your post it says "Edit" lol
  5. Twice Spain Discussion Thread

    Please specify what your 'Global Thread' is. It's for countries, not languages. Thanks.
  6. [GAME] Last Post Wins!

    I think I broke it lmao
  7. Team Twice Forums Member OTP

    Don't worry. It's just the heat of the moment. It probably would of been funny if they had read it around the time you posted it.
  8. [GAME] Ochakai Maid Cafe (Roleplay)

    "Ah, Jihyo, hey! We're trying to figure out what everyone is going to be assigned to. Kinda struggling, though...." Momo giggles awkwardly as she looks at Jihyo entering.
  9. My mom is yelling at me.


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      Why did someone upvote this? That just seems like they're saying "Yeah she better yell at you". Anyways, awwww :ny-tt: Hope it gets better soon

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      Why is your mother like that... I hope you are okay, my girl.  :saida-hug:

    4. Lost Penguin
  10. [GAME] Ochakai Maid Cafe (Roleplay)

    "Don't think ahead, guys! We still need to start up our cafe. It's empty right now..." Momo says, making everyone to look around the empty cafe.
  11. [GAME] Ochakai Maid Cafe (Roleplay)

    Momo rubs her eyes and stands up. "Alright everyone, it's time for some serious action. Not everyone is here yet, but we should start assigning roles. Who is going to do what to start this cafe?" Momo asks, glaring at everyone around the quiet room.