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  • I've been a fan of TWICE since the SIXTEEN era.
  • My favorite TWICE songs are: Do It Again, Truth, Eyes Eyes Eyes and Rollin'.
  • My TWICE bias is Momo.
  • My TWICE bias wrecker is Sana.
  • The first K-Pop song I listened to (that I remember) is I Am The Best by 2NE1.
  • I dislike boy groups.
  • In 2016 I sent an audition to become a foreign JYPE Trainee.
    • I got accepted (for rounds) but my mom found out and removed the email so I couldn't email them back.
  • If you see someone who you think may be me or looks like me, it is me if you see this choker around my neck:




  • I have been wearing this necklace everyday since December 2016.


  • I'm 13-years-old born on May 20th, 2004.
  • My real name is Fiona, although I prefer to be called as Phebe (even in real life).
    • A few months after I was born the famous animation "Shrek" came out, so ever since then people have been calling me an ogre. That's why I prefer Phebe.
  • I was born in Stamford, Connecticut.
    • I lived in New York during the time, but I moved after I was 16 months.
      • I moved to Old Greenwich, Connecticut, and I lived there until I was nine.
        • In August 2014, I moved to another town next to Old Greenwich, and I still live there currently.
  • I have a heart birthmark on my leg.
  • I currently have two cats and one dog.
  • I speak a bit of an above average amount of Japanese.
    • I'm currently learning how to write Hiragana.
  • I know little Korean, but I still know a bit xD
  • I've been watching anime since 2011 or 2012.
    • I've seen over 250+ anime.
  • I've been acting in musicals and plays since around 2007.
    • I've been voice acting since 2014.
  • I took ballet until I was six years old, when it then started to interlap with tennis classes.
  • When I turned eight, I started to only take tennis, dropping out of ballet.
  • A few months ago I dropped out of tennis to focus on acting, dancing, and singing (in my free time).
  • My favorite food is strawberry.


  • I can make myself sound like a pig or a snoring person.
  • I can scream really loudly.
  • I can easily make myself voice crack.
  • I can easily memorize song lyrics and dances.
    • But I'm bad at remembering names and general school stuff.
  • I was told by my friend that I can remember faces SO well that it's creepy.
  • In 2015-2016 I had fallen into deep depression and almost tried to kill myself.
    • I'm okay now though.
  • I am a MEME QUEEN.
    • My favorite memes are "Cracking Open a Cold One with The Boys", "All Star" and "(song) But I'm Screaming The Lyrics".
  • I have a strawberry fetish.