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Hello there! My name is Phebe and I'm a Moderator here on Team Twice Forums.
I'm from the United States and I'm currently studying Japanese alongside my studies in school.

I've been a fan of TWICE since the SIXTEEN era, and I started stanning them in early 2017.
My favorite TWICE albums are The Story Begins and Signal.

I'm obsessed with anime and K-Pop, but mostly only girl groups.
I play a large amount of video games, and I can type around 100 WPM.

Feel free to send me a private message if you need any help with anything!

Add me on media and games!
Discord: Phebe#3401
Instagram: @pastel.phebe
Casting Call Club: Phebe
Chicken Smoothie: Phebe
Minecraft: Harudori
YouTube: Harudori
Steam: Harudori
Twitter: @_harudori_
Skype: live:harudoriva
AsianFanfictions: Harudoki
Transformice: Stauberryjam
Wattpad: StrauberryJamz