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  1. Hi guys~ I just got paid yesterday so I'm finally going to be able to buy the new albums.

    So uhhhhh.... new theme, nice, nice, what else is new? owo


    Also, a totally new member for MOTM?
    Wowie, cmon, give it to LinYuBear >:(
    I don't know them so I can't say they didn't deserve the MOTM role,
    but like, they joined in mid July and got MOTM for August--

    No hate, much love~



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    2. Phebe


      @Plume That's what I thought >:(

      @LinYuBear Yes you

    3. lilpengu


      idk, try to be here more:mn-peace:

    4. Phebe


      @lilpengu That's a bad idea

  2. こんにちは!日本のコミュニティへようこそ! (Hello! Welcome to the Japanese community!) このスレッドは、日本から来た人(さらには日本語を話す人) のためのものです。TTFの他の日本人メンバーと出会いたい! (This thread is for those who are from Japan (moreover speak Japanese), and want to meet/talk with other Japanese members of TTF!) 私の名前はフィービー、歓迎です! (My name is Phebe, and welcome!) (アニメ:アン・ハッピー) (Anime: Anne Happy)
  3. :jy-cry:
    I won't be here for TWICE's comeback bbbbbbbbbbb

    1. JeongJeong
    2. Phebe


      @JeongJeong I'm going to sleep away camp for the next two weeks after today. I'll miss their comeback tomorrow because there's no devices and stuff allowed. I'm also going to be working after I come back so I can save up money to buy the albums too :mm-sailormoon:

    3. NayeonBunnyIsMyBias


      that's fine, as long as you're still supporting the girls in your heart~

  4. TWICE currently has NINE comebacks! Which means that each member must stick out in each comeback! And I want to hear your opinions! TEMPLATE: Here is my answer: What do you all think? Comment below! :3
  5. TWICE Chaeyoung's new makeup style has been garnering positive attention from netizens. Recently, TWICE held a concert(s) where they got to greet their fans. Afterward, photos from the concert(s) were floating around the web and out of hundreds of images, one member got the attention from netizens: Chaeyoung and her new makeup style, showing a bit more mature, stronger look than usual. Netizens and fans alike pointed out how even though it's a style that causes different reactions or opinions, the TWICE member clearly pulled it off in her own unique way. Some comments read, "She went from a 'baby lion/beast' to a jaguar","She's so pretty. She has potential to become even prettier as time passes by", "She looks so much better with this style", and more. What do you think of her new look? cr: allkpop
  6. Why do people keep coming to my profile and messaging me about why I left?
    If you guys really want me gone then stop asking about it.

    Thanks for the new emotes too
    the quality though..

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      He's just one year older than you @Phebe:mn-smirk:

    3. Phebe


      @JeongJeong Wowie, that's cool. Introduce me some time :mm-wassup:

    4. JeongJeong


      @Phebemaybe someday later :cy-nice:

  7. TWICE's Tzuyu wished Twitter a happy 12th birthday. The idol said in a brief birthday wish video, "Happy 12th birthday to Twitter! Please continue to love TWICE! I also love Twitter very much!" Did you know Twitter is turning 12 years old this year? cr: allkpop
  8. Most viewed music videos by Korean artists TWICE's ranks are bolded! (Sorry for the copy and paste, I got lazy) Here is the list of TWICE rankings (so you don't have to scroll too much and open the spoiler which may cause lag): #5 - TWICE(트와이스) "TT" M/V #15 - TWICE "CHEER UP" M/V #16 - "Like OOH-AHH(OOH-AHH하게)" M/V #17 - "LIKEY" M/V #31 - TWICE(트와이스) "KNOCK KNOCK" M/V #37 - TWICE "SIGNAL" M/V #38 - TWICE "Heart Shaker" M/V #140 - TWICE「TT -Japanese ver.-」Music Video #160 - TWICE「One More Time」Music Video #185 - TWICE「Candy Pop」Music Video #204 - TWICE(트와이스) "TT" Dance Practice Video #292 - TWICE "SIGNAL" DANCE VIDEO Congrats to our girls! cr: kworb
  9. TWICE demonstrated the varying styles of 'Acuvue' contacts. The recently released CFs for 'Acuvue' features the TWICE members modeling chic or sweet looks. Nayeon, Sana, Momo, and Dahyun take on a soft, adorable concept in pink for #iDefineSWEET. The other 5 members Tzuyu, Jungyeon, Jihyo, Mina, and Chaeyoung go for a sexy look in red for #iDefiniteCHIC. You can watch each of 9 unique CFs below. cr: allkpop
  10. 'Pocari Sweat' has released a brand new, 2018 TV CF with beloved endorsement models TWICE! Under the concept of "Our world is live," TWICE got active through various outdoor activities, preparing consumers for a fun and lively summer. The girls also sang an upbeat rendition of the 'Pocari Sweat' logo song, which you can catch in the CF above! Aren't TWICE ever the perfect models for 'Pocari Sweat'? cr: allkpop
  11. The stylist in charge of TWICE's outfits spoke up against the haters. With TWICE inching towards their comeback with the 5th mini album, stylist Choi Hee Sun posted a message to ONCE via Instagram. She first thanked the fans for always giving support for the girl group but added, "I get so stressed because of the malicious comments TT". She continued, "For every promotion, the stylist team does not prepare the outfits alone but we do the styling after discussion with about 30 people from the agency's planning team, photographer team, MV director, management team, and more... And that's how the styling is processed. TWICE has many outfits to prepare, thanks to your great love leading to active promotions. Every schedule is important so we have to be attentive each time and it's a battle with time. Almost every day, our styling director and members prepare the outfits until the dawn without getting much sleep. Although we lack in some parts, please refrain from leaving malicious comments as we work hard for the members. We will continue to work hard for our TWICE from now so please look at us in a kind perspective ^^" Reaction to the stylist's posts was mostly negative. Haters went to her post to criticize her, saying, "I hope she just gets fired", "Even if this is true, she should be taking the responsibility as the head director instead of blaming others", "If she's stressed then just dress them nicely." Currently, the post has been deleted. cr: allkpop
  12. Twice’s Chaeyoung updated Instagram late Saturday night complaining of sleeplessness. “Uploading photos because I can’t sleep,” Chaeyoung wrote, urging the fan club Once members who are still awake to go to sleep. Chaeyoung uploaded a collage of four selfies. She had make-up on and a ring, and wore a salmon-cucumber checkered shirt. Twice is preparing to release 5th mini-album “What Is Love?” By Lim Jeong-yeo (kaylalim@heraldcorp.com) cr: kpopherald
  13. TWICE is back with 'What is Love?'! On April 9, the JYP Entertainment girl group made their hot comeback with the 5th mini album, which is packed with a total 6 tracks "What is Love?", "Sweet Talker", "Dejavu", "Say Yes", "Stuck", and "Ho!". On the day of the new album release, the comeback showcase took place at Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul. At the event, the 9 members performed their new title track for the very first time and took over the stage with their adorable charms. Check out TWICE's performance of the new title track in the clip below! http://www.vlive.tv/video/66236 cr: allkpop
  14. TWICE revealed what J.Y. Park says whenever he sees the girl group. On the April 12th episode of SBS PowerFM's 'Cultwo Show', TWICE featured as guests to promote their latest hit track "What is Love?". In response to the amazing love from fans, Chaeyoung commented, "Thank you for giving me interest. We had fun filming our music video this time as well. We'll make it fun in the future as well." Considering TWICE is one of the most popular girl groups, DJ Jung Chan Woo and Kim Tae Kyun asked, "Does J.Y. Park give you a lot of praise?" The girl group responded at once, "He does a lot." Dahyun explained, "The praise we all hear together is 'Pretty.' He compliments us whenever he see us." Are you liking "What is Love?"? cr: allkpop
  15. Phebe

    [INFO] TWICE on Spotify!!

    Now I know, most of you who listen to Spotify are probably tired of only hearing TWICE's Japanese songs. Well, great news! JYPe has now released ALL of TWICE's current songs on Spotify! GOT7 has also been reported to of been released, and more groups on the way (super pumped for MISS A and SUNMI)! Congrats to our girls, I think they'll do much better now that they're on Spotify <3
  16. TWICE will be releasing their 3rd Japanese single! Through Twitter, the girl group announced that they will be releasing a new single in Japan called "Wake Me Up" on May 16. After successfully building a strong fanbase in Japan as well as topping numerous Japanese charts with "One More Time" and "Candy Pop", the girls are aiming to do it all again, for the third time. Are you excited to hear what TWICE have in store for the fans this time around? Meanwhile, TWICE will be making their domestic comeback with 'What is Love?', their 5th mini album, on April 9 at 6 PM KST. cr: allkpop
  17. Welcome to the What Is Love? Teaser Guide! Here you will see all of the teasers that have been shown to TWICE's upcoming comeback "What Is Love?"! Down below in the spoiler, there is the start to the teasers, and right under this introduction is a guide to all of the teasers posted in this thread! It will be updated every time there is a new teaser, so get ready and check this thread every day around 12PM EST until TWICE's comeback! ALL CURRENT TEASERS: Timetable Teaser (3.25) First Group Photo Teaser (3.26) First Individual Member Teaser (3.27) Second Individual Member Teaser (3.28) First Title Track Teaser Second Group Photo Teaser (3.29) Second Title Track Teaser Third Individual Member Teaser (3.30) Third Title Track Teaser Fourth Individual Member Teaser (3.31) Fourth Title Track Teaser (4.1) First M/V Teaser (4.2) Second M/V Teaser (4.3) Third M/V Teaser (4.4) Fourth M/V Teaser (4.5) Fifth M/V Teaser (4.6) The timetable teaser is down below in the spoiler!
  18. (Naver V App) Dahyun of girl group Twice showed off her perfect pitch in a live broadcast via Naver’s V app Thursday. During the broadcast Dahyun asked Chaeyoung to hit a note on a piano so that she could guess what the note was. “No black keys. Only the white keys,” Dahyun requested. At first Chaeyoung played chords, and Dahyun could not guess them correctly. “I’m not good at chords,” she said. Then Chaeyoung started to hit notes one by one. Jeongyeon also took a turn at hitting the notes. Dahyun got all the notes right. “She’s been good since she was a trainee!” Chaeyoung said while other bandmates marveled at Dahyun’s ability. “Hey, why do you rap?” Jeongyeon said. Inspired by Dahyun, other bandmates challenged themselves to guess the notes but they all failed. Naver’s real-time broadcasting app V allows fans to interact with their favorite K-pop stars through live broadcasts. The app is available for Android and iOS. For more information, visit http://www.vlive.tv. By The Korea Herald (khnews@heraldcorp.com) Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.naver.vapp Apple App Store https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1019447011?mt=8 cr: kpopherald
  19. Courtesy Photo From "La La Land" to "Pulp Fiction," the chart-topping girl group has a film for every viewer. With more than 2 million subscribers and over 1.5 billion views to date on YouTube, TWICE's new video for "What Is Love?" was undoubtedly going to get a lot of attention -- but there seems to be yet another element at play for why the group is breaking more records than ever with their new visual. Throughout the video, the chart-topping girl group references a slew of classic and beloved movies. From a nostalgic Disney flick like The Princess Diaries to international box-office smashes like La Boum and Love Letter, TWICE pull inspiration from a ton of different material to delight both music and movie buffs and help explain how the ladies already scored more than 30 million views in less than four days. Get to know both the movies referenced -- as well as the individual TWICE members -- more in this breakdown of the key film moments. After you get done with your umpteenth viewing of "What Is Love?" and reading through this article, the only question you'll have next is: which movie to binge-watch first? 1. The Princess Diaries starring Nayeon (0:15) The first movie reference comes via beloved Disney flick The Princess Diaries that gave Anne Hathaway her breakthrough role in 2001. Nayeon initially portrays Hathaway's awkward, nerdy character -- complete with big glasses and frizzy hair -- before later transforming into princess mode with slick hair and perfect makeup. Look out for TWICE members Sana, Mina and Jihyo initially playing the mean girls characters, one of which was played by Mandy Moore in the film. Bonus: The Princess Diaries' original author Meg Cabot gave her co-sign to Nayeon and the girls on Twitter. 2. Ghost starring Jeongyeon (0:28) TWICE vocalist Jeongyeon had the uneasy feat of recreating one of the most iconic film scenes from the '90s. Portraying Demi Moore's character in the blockbuster hit Ghost, Jeongyeon not only nailed the character's recognizable hairstyle but the same aura that made the role so lovable to parody the film's well-known pottery scene. With member Sana also popping up here to play Patrick Swayze's character, this moment will go down as yet another great (and adorable) parody of the Academy Award–winning movie's most famous scene. 3. La Boum starring Mina (0:40) Internationally beloved French film La Boum is also featured in "What Is Love?" with the story of a young girl finding her way through a new school embodied by Mina. The singer plays through one of the movie's classic scenes when a potential paramour puts headphones on main character Vic and transforms her party experience. 4. Pulp Fiction starring Sana (0:50) TWICE show their love to Quentin Tarantino with a spot-on take of Uma Thurman and John Travolta's classic dance from his 1994 hit Pulp Fiction. We once again get to see the TWICE members play opposite one another as youngest member Tzuyu takes on Travolta's role with the two ladies looking super-serious while busting out their best disco moves. 5. Romeo + Juliet starring Tzuyu (1:00) Just after showcasing a more masculine image, youngest member Tzuyu gets super-feminine as Juliet for her spin on Shakespeare's classic love story. While there are a slew of references to pick from, TWICE looks to be paying homage to the Baz Luhrmann–directed Romeo + Juliet from 1996 -- that marked major career moments for both Leonardo DiCarprio and Claire Danes in the titular roles -- as Tzuyu wears an angelic look that had Romeo (originally played by a young DiCaprio, now played by member Jeongyeon) fall head over heels for his Juliet. 6. Love Letter starring Jihyo (1:12) As a group made up of international members themselves, it only makes sense to see more countries represented in their movie references with TWICE's leader Jihyo acting in a recreation of 1995 Japanese film Love Letter. From the fashion styling to the acting, Jihyo nailed the blockbuster Japanese flick, that holds special significance in South Korea as one of the first movies played in the country after World War II. 7. La La Land starring Momo (1:22) The most recent inspiration comes via La La Land, 2016's Academy Award–winning musical that scored Emma Stone the Best Actress Oscar. TWICE's main dancer Momo dances on Stone's role, donning the actress' iconic yellow dress, as Tzuyu embodies Ryan Gossling's beloved jazz pianist character. If any of the girl group's young fans didn't catch the previous movie references in the film, they undoubtedly would recognize this near-perfect recreation. 8. Léon: The Professional starring Chaeyoung (and Dahyun) (2:22) The final movie moment comes via English-language, French production Léon: The Professional. TWICE rapper Chaeyoung plays Natalie Portman's spunky teenage character Mathilde as Dahyun plays the film's titular hitman Léon as perhaps the most-committed male character in the music with the hilarious 19-year-old donning fake facial hair. cr: billboard
  20. TWICE's Nayeon says she still hasn't been able to fix her bad sleeping habits. On the April 11th installment of 'Ji Suk Jin's 2O'Clock Date', DJ Ji Suk Jin asked Nayeon, "Do you still talk when you sleep?" She responded, "I don't," but fellow member Jungyeon added, "That's not true." Jungyeon continued, "She recently says, 'It hurts,' and acts like she's in pain," and other members revealed Nayeon sings in her sleep as well. She expressed, "I slept with the electric blanket on once. I woke up, and my body was sweaty. My members said that I sang BTS' 'Fire'." Did you know Nayeon talked in her sleep? cr: allkpop
  21. TWICE's latest release 'What is Love' has achieved a certified all-kill on the instiz iChart! Once again, the girl group are topping music charts, and less than a day after its release, "What is Love" has climbed the real-time ranks to the #1 spot. As you can see below, TWICE topped the real-time music charts of all the major music services with "What is Love." Congrats to TWICE and their loyal fans ONCE! cr: allkpop
  22. Behind-the-scenes pictures of Twice’s commercial for the sports drink Pocari Sweat have been revealed. Photos recently released by the brand showed the group’s members dressed in summer outfits in the product’s signature blue and white. The 30-second commercial depicts youths’ relentless pursuit to achieve their bucket lists. The blue-and-white tinged video shows Chaeyoung painting a huge canvas with a brush, and Sana enjoying indoor rock climbing. They are also seen enjoying outdoor activities such as roller skating and canoeing. The commercial was reportedly shot in Thailand. Twice became the first idol group to model for the brand in March last year. Pocari Sweat announced last month that Twice would take on the role this year as well. Twice recently released its new EP “What is Love?” which peaked at No. 1 on five major music streaming charts. (lotus@heraldcorp.com) cr: kpopherald
  23. Nayeon shared her honest reactions to TWICE's songs. On the April 11 airing of MBC FM4U's 'Ji Suk Jin's 2 O'Clock Date', DJ Ji Suk Jin congratulated the girls for their domination on the music charts with 'What is Love?', and asked, "Don't you think that anything you sing will succeed now (since you guys are so successful)?" Nayeon replied, "No it's not like that. I've never thought any of our songs would do well when I heard them for the first time. I'm always worried." cr: allkpop