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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. angel.kim

    [GAME] Last Post Wins!

    i want to win
  3. angel.kim

    [GAME] True or False Game

    sadly it is True the person below has been told they are stinky
  4. angel.kim

    [GAME] True or False Game

    True The person below has long hair (shoulder length)
  5. angel.kim

    [GAME] The Last Thing You Ate

    chocolate chip cookies
  6. angel.kim

    [GAME] Rate the Song Above You

  7. angel.kim

    [GAME] Rhyme Time

  8. angel.kim

    [GAME] Last Letter

  9. angel.kim

    [GAME] When Was The Last Time

    like a week (that's a long time for me) when was the last time you failed a test/quiz/exam
  10. angel.kim

    [GAME] Yum or eww

    yum! popcorn, those little chocolate covered ice cream ball things, i forgot what they're called, and a really big soda because popcorn is salty.(i went too see a movie earlier today) edit: I looked it up they are called dibs
  11. angel.kim

    [GAME] Yum or eww

    It's not eww I just am not a big fan of beef. I prefer pork. deep dish pizza
  12. angel.kim

    [GAME] True or False Game

    True? kinda, I love Tzuyu but I would prefer to take Dahyun. But I would take Tzuyu 100% The person below has never watched all of the Harry Potter movies.
  13. angel.kim

    [GAME] When Was The Last Time

    Yesterday When was the last time you met a celebrity that you like?
  14. angel.kim

    [GAME] Last Letter