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The Story Begins
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  1. yeah it isnt all that great tbh lol. i sucked at it but i got into a good guild because they thought i was a cool guy
  2. used to play it a lot a couple years ago. i only did pvp though. bored of it now but i still hop on every now and then
  3. what groups do u like?

    BROCKHAMPTON. best boyband since one direction
  4. Once Chill Zone

    she sounds like a real one to me
  5. Once Chill Zone

    she sounds like a nice person who enjoys dressing well
  6. Once Chill Zone

    im gucci gang
  7. Once Chill Zone

    not sure
  8. Once Chill Zone

    we dont use that word
  9. Once Chill Zone

    whats wrong
  10. Once Chill Zone

    he enjoys some 6ix9ine - gummo
  11. [GAME] Rate the Song Above You

    7/10 nice throwback
  12. how lmao. sounds like you had a fight
  13. No, sounds like you already have a career as a boxer though