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The Story Begins
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  1. Hello! From Singapore

    Hello and welcome to TTF Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  2. Who was/were the first member/s you recognized when you first saw TWICE? For me, it was Mina and Dahyun. Mina for the calm face and a soothing voice and Dahyun for the cheerful smile and the cute face. (They were also the first members whose faces I could remember)
  3. So, I was wondering, what's your favourite thing about your bias/biases in TWICE? For me, I like Dahyun's cheerful smile.
  4. [DIScUSSION/POLL] Best Twice Japanese Song

    I personally like Candy Pop the most (including the MV, song, and the theme) but I also really liked One More Time
  5. It would be cool to see them covering something related to loving yourself, it would set a strong impression.
  6. [DISCUSSION] bookworm?

    Haven't read it but I have heard of it. I should probably check it out then.
  7. [DISCUSSION] bookworm?

    I have read it too and I agree on the ending. I wasn't really expecting it tbh.
  8. [DISCUSSION] bookworm?

    I admit, I'm a bookworm . I've been reading since I was pretty young and I've always enjoyed a good book. I usually read romance or fantasy ones.
  9. Hello TTF!

    Hello and welcome to TTF! Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  10. Favourite album's photocards

    Hi! So, I was wondering, what album's photocards are your favourite? Personally, I have liked basically all the photocards so far, but some of my favourite ones are from Twicetagram's album.
  11. It looks really nice when decorated tbh.

    I couldn't decide between Mina, Tzuyu and Nayeon (even though I liked them all) . Ended up choosing Nayeon. She's so cute. (Even though Dahyun is my bias, I just liked the others a bit more even though she was such a cutie in this pic).
  13. Momo's Hair Style

    She looks gorgeous either way, so I can't really decide
  14. [VID] Twice - Signal (Trap remix)

    It sounds quite good
  15. Hi everyone !

    Hello and welcome to TTF! Hope you enjoy your stay here.
  16. [DAHYUNIST] dubu is love dubu is life

    She's a real cutie indeed