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  1. sakshee

    knock... knock... Hello

    Welcome to ttf
  2. sakshee

    [FANART] twice what is love anime part 1

    Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks bro?? Thanks and i will post other members really soon
  3. sakshee

    [DISCUSSION] ONCE Bad News and Good News

    I know they are fake And sorry for upsetting you i cant take that twice are growing up fast and they can even date now.
  4. Then we are waiting and cheering you
  5. I make some drawing of twice in what is love as anime girl but i am too lazy(busy) to post it .so i will post them soon NAYEON JUNGYEON MOMO SANA JIHYO MINA DAHYUN CHAEYOUNG TZUYU
  6. sakshee

    [FANART] Blue dress Momo/Momo with glasses

    Its wonderful But i dint understand the second picture Makeup girl is doing makeup 1.momo 2.chaeyoung 3.who is third
  7. sakshee


  8. sakshee


  9. sakshee

    [FANART] As Cute as an Angel Chou Tzuyu

    Its make my heartbeat beep beep beep like https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=fr4ZG7h5IRg
  10. sakshee


    Its co co co cool
  11. sakshee

    [FANART] It is not a Light, it is Sana in the Dark

    Her hair bahut sundar Beautiful
  12. sakshee

    [DISCUSSION] ONCE Bad News and Good News

    What about bambam and mina Fight??
  13. sakshee

    [DISCUSSION] Let's talk about the Knock Knock song

    Knock knock time Lets sing one line each yeoldushiga dwemyeon dacheoyo