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  1. I have one word for this thread, WHY?
  2. This Is Your Moment .

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    2. pdn


      @optzumistic Let me know when you find it. With your savagery level it shouldn't take long. :ny-lol:

    3. optzumistic


      @pdn sure, it'll be ez:ty-rawr:

    4. RainbowFluffyPanda
  3. pdn

    New Twice Addict Here

    Hope you dont mind if I finish reading that in a couple of years. WELCOME and hopefully you will enjoy your stay though.
  4. A fate well deserved but I would never
  5. pdn


    Wait, how long does it actually take then?
  6. Can't argue with that .
  7. Good. Dont let these fake penguins assume something you're not.
  8. Her ability to be cute and funny at the same time is truly something, am i right?