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The Story Begins
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  1. what's that one thing you're not good at?

    Mine is the exact same.
  2. TTF members nickname thread

    Oh no, I mean't its rare for me to eat a pear. I problaby eat 1 pear a year lol.
  3. TTF members nickname thread

    Between my real name and pear? My real name for sure. I'm not a big fan of pears, I mean i can eat it but its rare.
  4. TTF members nickname thread

    Well in Danish it doesn't sound particularly cute.
  5. TTF members nickname thread

    Only had 1 in elementary school. Some people had a hard time pronouncing my name (Pierre) so it sounded a lot like "pære" which is the Danish for "pear". So they just called med that, I never liked it but whatever lol.
  6. I like her with this more subtle natural look.
  7. Tomboy. I think it makes her stand out more and it goes well with the group as a whole.
  8. Guess I need to hit the gym more often.
  9. [MOMOIST] MOMO the strong eating

    Never seen anyone get more excited about food than her, its cute though.
  10. [DISCUSSION] most absurd shower thoughts

    What a random question lol. I got nothing.
  11. [DISCUSSION] Twice Photocards

    I mean, you can have all the photos you want on your phone.
  12. Close to how LEGO actually came up with the name. Play Well in Danish is Leg Godt, so they abbreviated it to LEGO. Considering how big LEGO is that is a stupid name for their fandom rofl.
  13. These names though... They actually use my country's amazing invention's name to name their fandom?