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  1. [FAN ART] Sana in my Homework

    Nice, well done. I see an A+ incoming.
  2. Dead?

    It's not what it was just a month ago but I'm sure it will get better.
  3. [PICS/VLIVE] 180222 VLive update

    You should.
  4. I get to introduce myself!? SWEET

    You introduced your self! SWEET Welcome.

    Whadduuuupppp.... Welcome to the newly formed Team Mina Forum with all these Mina stans that keep coming. I'm kidding.
  6. This new Momo is killing me lol. SaMo is in full force.


    1. optzumistic


      Her hair is so cute :mm-wow:

  7. [PIC] 180214 Twice @ 7th Gaon Music Award 2018

    Momo's new hair looks amazing. Suits her so well, she looks like IU.
  8. Twice Dahyun Speed vector art

    WOW that is amazing.
  9. Given how successful and popular they are, it would seem crazy for him to drop them. He makes so much money off of them for sure.
  10. Twice stole my Kpop virginity

    They do have that effect
  11. I feel so boring seeing everyone posting status updates all the time and I'm just sitting here with nothing to say :mn-pout:

    1. optzumistic


      It's alright:sn-smthing:

    2. Dopple


      Fascinating.  (jk)

  12. They usually upload pretty quickly. Its been 10 hours lol
  13. [Discussion] Your fav Twice song based on lyrics

    Havent checked all the lyrics but I also quite like Somenone Like Me.
  14. [SANAIST/VID] Sana Eating

    random question but does my sentence make sense. I feel like its not right lol.