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  1. [MOMOIST] MOMO the strong eating

    Never seen anyone get more excited about food than her, its cute though.
  2. [DISCUSSION] most absurd shower thoughts

    What a random question lol. I got nothing.
  3. [DISCUSSION] Twice Photocards

    I mean, you can have all the photos you want on your phone.
  4. Close to how LEGO actually came up with the name. Play Well in Danish is Leg Godt, so they abbreviated it to LEGO. Considering how big LEGO is that is a stupid name for their fandom rofl.
  5. These names though... They actually use my country's amazing invention's name to name their fandom?
  6. TT, Likey and Heart Shaker. I Like TT with the pink color, that was cute.
  7. I'm not part of any other and never will be. I quite like BTS, they are pretty talented and have som great songs but I'm not an ARMY.
  8. [DISCUSSION] who was your first bias?

    Lol thats pretty dope.
  9. [DISCUSSION] who was your first bias?

    It started with No Sana No Life then Momo came along to make it a double bias. Can you have 4 biases? cuz Mina and Jihyo are pushing it as well now.
  10. [DISCUSSION] who was your first bias?

    You plan on getting to everyone at least once before ending on Momo?
  11. Who was the first member you recognized?

    I saw Tzuyu in an article or something before finding Twice. "Likey" was the first video i saw of them and I was instantly stunned by Sana and then Momo's dance.
  12. [DIScUSSION/POLL] Best Twice Japanese Song

    Wow that japanese TT sounds so awkward. Translating songs rarely works.
  13. TWICE TV5 Official goods Boxes