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  1. Likey turned me into a Sana bias and I haven't look back ever since
  2. maejan

    [DISCUSSION] What was your first impression on Twice?

    I found Twice from the beginning with Like Ooh Ahh but didn't see much in it until I saw Cheer Up and really got into Twice that way.
  3. I would show either Likey or What is Love because both of those show exactly what Twice is capable of, show every member contributing, and overall show Twice's aesthetics the best!
  4. I've only ever listened to a slowed-down version of TT and Likey for the sake of learning the choreo slowly
  5. My favorite is my Twicetagram poster from my B version Twicetagram package, the poster I have is the blue-rimmed one with all the members in a single photo!
  6. maejan

    [DISCUSSION] Hair Colors

    Mermaid Mina vibes
  7. No doubt, that's why I love Likey so much! She got so much lines and time to sing, it was so powerful and I miss Likey era already
  8. maejan

    [DISCUSSION] What things of Twice do you have?

    I have (in order of attainment): - Twicecoaster Lane 1 Photobook - Twicecoaster Lane 2 Photobook - Twicecoaster Lane 2 Poster - Twice Logo Stickers (Self-Made) - Twicetagram Photobook - Twicetagram Poster All the photobooks have photocards and stuff too!
  9. maejan

    [DISCUSSION] Your favourite TWICE danCe Cover

    My favorite is the Overdose cover Twice did a while back! Being a huge EXO-L, I was so allured when I found out Twice had done a cover on it
  10. maejan

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Who is the best dancer out of the Koreans?

    I like Jihyo! She puts so much effort and passion into whatever dance they have to, and it's so uplifting to see her face while she's dancing!
  11. maejan

    Hi fellow ONCE!

    Welcome and hi! Hope you have an awesome time here!
  12. maejan

    [DISCUSSION] Twice song

    Dubu dubu du-du-dubu dubu
  13. maejan

    [GAME] Rate the M/V above you

  14. maejan

    [GAME] Kpop songs

    Spring Day Got7
  15. Brand New Girl! The visuals are impeccable and the concept is so adorable One More Time is also close but I prefer Brand New Girl purely for the bubbly atmosphere Brand New Girl gives