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  1. Lori

    [DISCUSSION] Twice hairstyle

    Thank you (*´◡`) I hope so!
  2. Lori

    [DISCUSSION] Twice hairstyle

    Definitely super cute, I'm planning on getting my hair cut like hers at the time of the he m/v the next time I get my hair done
  3. I'm just curious to see if anyone else has ever had any of the members in a dream/how the dream went etc. Last month I think it was, I had 3 dreams 3 nights in a row and the first two were some kind of new kind of nightmare because I met them all both times in this super social setting but when I'd speak what I do know how to say in Korean (Hello, you guys are so cute, I love you, etc.) they'd just stand there looking super confused and Momo would be doing that "yes yes" polite bow and Sana would have a really confused smile on, you know, trying to be encouraging when she actually has no idea what you're talking about But in the dream I knew I was saying the words/phrases correctly but I'd get embarrassed anyways The third dream on the third night was just some apocalyptic survival game of tag and everyone was in their ooh-ahh m/v outfits (w/ their hair back to how it used to be) and we all ran to a plane out of this zombie infested mall at the end (idk if anyone got left behind) (Jeongyeon was also snipping zombies from the top of this tall staircase that lead to nowhere?) LOL anyways just curious to hear about other ONCE's TWICE dreams
  4. Lori

    [DISCUSSION/POLL] Twice Pout Appreciation Thread

    Idk I think im going Jihyo for this one fam
  5. Lori

    [DISCUSSION] What are your favourite Song of twice?

    1 to 10 & Must Be Crazy are probably my favorites but omg Merry & Happy <3 definitely a Christmas song I'll keep around for a looonnnngggg time
  6. Lori

    Nice to, kind of, meet you! 💓💓

    Ohh, nice nice; lol I feel, I'll randomly put a bagillion languages into a sentence by accident often I've cycled through some apps, I really really liked EggBun but I was/am still to cheap(broke) to buy past the demo. But it helped a lot considering I can kind of keep up with Korean subtitles since I recognize a few characters/their sounds- little things like that definitely motivate me. Good luck, good luck!
  7. Lori

    [DISCUSSION] Twice hairstyle

    Was gonna put Hearshaker M/V Jihyo lvl. ponytail but then I found this goddess lvl. Jihyo gif, the real 💓💓 May golden goddess of the Sun Jihyo bring you good luck
  8. Lori

    Nice to, kind of, meet you! 💓💓

    Oh gosh you gave me a mini heart attack, I thought I was getting flagged/a warning LOL
  9. Lori

    [GAME] Kpop Bias

    Hobi/J-Hope 💘 fromis_9
  10. Hi hi, I'm Lauren, or Lori, nice to meet more Once! My bias fluctuates a bit since they're all equal in my heart; my first love was Jeongyeon. I'm 18, almost 19, but I love talking with a nice person regardless of age! This fall I'll start officially learning Korean at college, which I'm super excited for!! Happy to be in the forums finally, please treat me well 💓 (I wasn't as enthusiastic about kpop till TWICE's OOH-AHH M/V came out, I also hadn't seen Sixteen until after their debut, but this was definitely the instant love moment I fell for Jeongyeon in case you were wondering :- ) so cute)
  11. Welcome to TEAM TWICE! Please be sure to read the forum rules before posting. Browse around, introduce yourself and get to know the other members! If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.