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TWICEcoaster: Lane 2
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  1. they just done their comeback, so not that surprising lol Mina no 17? wow one of my fav number lmao
  2. Another phake joining the bandwagon to corner me, nice try phakes
  3. Nice try noob :) she’s always mine ty
  4. Picapict

    Twice Indonesia Discussion Thread

    Calm down, everyone have their real life so cant be active all the time lul. No need to mass mention
  5. sorry bro but you need to stop dreaming about it RIP his dream then RIP his dream, and u
  6. Picapict

    Catching The Raccoon For 2 Years Now~

    Hi andy, i love you and you know it already
  7. Picapict

    Who is the cutest member?

    Forever mina for me
  8. happy late bday bc google calendar sucks and didn't save your bday onto the calendar when I added it :jh-heol:


    now go back to taiwan for mandy

    Image result for red velvet joy gif

    1. Picapict


      I know this is so late, but thank you 

      that joy definitely didnt affect me at all :mn-tea:

    2. optzumistic



  9. Picapict

    [VID] 180424 TWICE「Wake Me Up」Music Video

  10. Happy birthday to the true Mina stan:mn-rest::sn-stare:

    1. Picapict


      aw thank you plumie :sn-heart: you know me so well

  11. Happy birthday :congrats: 


    teach me indo


    1. Picapict


      aw thank you~ :sn-heart: ily~

      sure i can teach u ofc :ny-oh: