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  1. i don't think there's any. Go make it~
  2. Hello Once!

    There's a lot of penguin's lover here of course, mina is so amazing after all. You don't know da wae? I did love jessica for 7 years too lmao i got into her in 2009 till 2016 when i found mina yes of course we can be good friend. NO!!! SHE'S MINE! YOU CAN ADORE HER BUT NO MORE THAN THAT
  3. Here's an official information release from Twice Japan Official Channel
  4. [PIC] 180118 Twice @ Incheon-Centrair Airport

    of course you can add it~ This thread is made for all of us afterall ah i misunderstood it, i thought u want to add some lol @maxix sure, i'll add more if i find any~ wait for it
  5. you can do it lol
  6. Team Twice Forums Member OTP

    ah no, u wrote about a boy lol
  7. Team Twice Forums Member OTP

    is it the classmate from the other day? the one who you wrote on ur status?
  8. [POLL] Group Interests

    Girl group
  9. Hi everyone!

    Hello stephen, welcome to TTF~ I'm picapict and My ultimate bias is Mina Halo bro, ini thread once indonesia. Kalo bingung apa gimana monggo di pm langsung bisa hehe Here's the guide to make u understand TTF better and here's some rules u have to follow If there's anything you don't understand you can ask the staff about it, or ask any member here is fine except @Phebe never trust this one lol kidding, u can always ask phebe since she is our community bot who never sleep~ You can ask me too of course Anyway, Hope you enjoy your stay in this pretty pink forum~ See you around @Minari.Jc hope we can be good friends
  10. They sure know da wae to get attention from all over the world BUT JYP THEY NEED REST PLS
  11. [PIC] 180118 Twice @ Incheon-Centrair Airport

    I'm following da wae
  12. I don't know if this thread is necessary, but when i was in other forum they make this kind of thread for every airport moment and i loves to browse it so here it is You can add post more photo below in case i missed things lol Mina Jeongyeon Tzuyu Momo Chaeyoung Nayeon Jihyo Sana Dahyun Cr: koreaika
  13. *tongue click**tongue click**tongue click**tongue click**tongue click* This is da wae
  14. I don't know why i love the green hair so much
  15. Hello Once!

    Do you know da wae jexter? @Minari.Jc So am i, no one can replace my mina on my ultimate bias