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  1. CheapsKate

    Twice Poetry Part 4-9 Nayeon

    Nayeon A smile that puts the sun to shame, A light more serene than the moon A dazzling glow, in a dark and drab world A visage that'll remove all the gloom She was maimed when but a babe And kept from fame by her folks But she overcame, and conquered all An avatar for all of our hopes The face of our cherished icons With the looks, rivalled by none Sweet, gorgeous, courageous Our Hope, Nayeon
  2. CheapsKate

    Twice Poetry Part 1-9 Tzuyu

    Thank you
  3. CheapsKate

    Twice Poetry Part 3-9 Chaeyoung

    Chaeyoung Her vernacular is immaculate, A way with word, and rhyme, A fluidity of song, and sentence, A chorus of the sublime, In the eyes of the lord she's Katarina, In the light of the stars she's the bull, Larger than life as a minor, In the eye's of her fans she stands tall, She's the master of lyrical form, She's the heart of every song, She's cute, smart, and creative, We adore you Chaeyoung.
  4. CheapsKate

    Twice Poetry Part 2-9 Jeongyeon

    Jeongyeon A style, a look, that is her own A unique point of view The odd one out, yet friend to all Amazing through, and through Destined for a different path We may never know the woe For losing her distinctive touch A group without its glow The glue that binds our idols So they move on, and on Beautiful, unique, and kind Praise Jeongyeon.
  5. CheapsKate

    Twice Poetry Part 1-9 Tzuyu

    TZUYU With eyes that look within you And a glare beyond her years You can see a beautiful sadness That will bring you all to tears She's been accused, berated, and slandered By people of hate and fear But she pushed on, and rose above Yet the youngest of her peers She's quiet, shy, and awkward But beautiful, and kind too One of nine, yet Twice as nice We love you, TZUYU
  6. CheapsKate

    New Chrome theme's

    i have created some chrome themes to twiceify my browsing experience, and thought i would shareFor Twice TT theme https://www.themebeta.com/chrome/theme/953579For Twice Ooh Aah theme https://www.themebeta.com/chrome/theme/953574For Twice Knock Knock theme https://www.themebeta.com/chrome/theme/953580And for the Twice Signal theme https://www.themebeta.com/chrome/theme/953571If you like these and enjoy them please let me know, and feel free to suggest more
  7. CheapsKate

    HI peeps.

    Thanks for the friendly welcome everyone
  8. CheapsKate

    HI peeps.

    Hi peeps, I'm Kathryn From Hereford in the UK, Just joined and thought i better say hello. I watched a load of Twice videos the other day and now i'm hooked especially on ooh-ahh i can't stop listening to it and when i'm not i'm whistling it.
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