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  1. TWICE Ballad Songs

    I'd choose someone like me among these ones
  2. Should I buy a custom rank and place my fav fruit like @Phebe recommends or should I save my wonces to buy the larger signature ??:ny-hmm:

  3. [PIC] 180118 Twice @ Incheon-Centrair Airport

    You just added the ones that I was supposed to add lol
  4. TWICE China/Hong Kong/Taiwan Discussion Thread

    Ohhh I was wrong lmao, thought all the think that I need to read is written in traditional tho, going to learn both no matter what
  5. TWICE China/Hong Kong/Taiwan Discussion Thread

    Simplified is only spoken in Beijing/HK isn't it? I'm trying to learn both tbh sometimes I can remember the simplified ones more than the traditionals and sometimes it's backwards lul
  6. [PIC] 180118 Twice @ Incheon-Centrair Airport

    Thank you so much for this post!! all of them look very cute on those ones Do you mind if add Jeongyeon one's ?
  7. TWICE China/Hong Kong/Taiwan Discussion Thread

    Oh gawd, I'm learning chinese and could understand only 50% of the whole post, I guess it's not too bad. 我叫馬克西. 很高興認識你! 希望你能理解我! Still trying to memorize more than 80 characters, lol.
  8. Team Twice Forums Member OTP

    Don't worry phebe , we love you over here tho
  9. Oc investors would take a look, they are only gonna get bigger.
  10. Tzuyu so cute even tho really serious on those!
  11. Hi everyone!

    Haai and welcome to TTF, hope you have a fantastic experience over here! This is a lovely community that would share the same if not more love for our girls Be sure to check out the Discord Server that we have, and if you are into that, you can join and have a lil chat about anything you'd like or solve any issue you have here at TTF.
  12. Love how all they look great on those outfits
  13. Team Twice Forums Member OTP

    You are not
  14. I had a really great run yesterday, so I'm really happy about that even if I'm sore.


    Also I really hate the asphalt over here :ny-look: