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  1. Hi Once, Nice To Meet You :D

    Sure whenever you want to talk we can chat in discord or pm's!
  2. [DISCUSSION] Getting tickets

    I know never going to give up on that, and might plan a trip there next year
  3. [DISCUSSION] Getting tickets

    One day I'll be able to attend anything twice related
  4. Oc, imagine if she gets jelly just like she does with momorin I'd die for sure.
  5. [INFO] Winners Of The 15th Korean Music Awards

    Happy for bangtan they deserve it
  6. I think everyone knows my choice
  7. [PIC] 180223 TWICE x MLB

    I loved all of those pics, omg momo sana and jeong
  8. I loved the different ways she has to just walk lul

    I loved those.